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NewsTop Dolla - 'Lacey Evans Is One Of The Nicest People'

Top Dolla – ‘Lacey Evans Is One Of The Nicest People’



AJ Francis has nothing but high praise for his fellow WWE alum Lacey Evans.

Speaking on a recent edition of Sportskeeda’s “WrestleBinge” podcast, the former Top Dolla defended Evans from some of the criticism she’s received online. He said,

“To Lacey’s credit, you know, she gets a lot of flak online. But in person, she was genuinely one of the nicest people that I had to deal with during my time in WWE. And it’s funny because, like, she said that WWE wasn’t her passion, and I know what she means by that, but as hard as she worked, it had to be.”

Evans departed WWE back in August when her contract came to an end.

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