Triple H High On 2 WWE Talents + Dean Ambrose’s Debut?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— There are plans in place to re-package Michael McGillicutty. Triple H is said to be high on both McGillicutty and Drew McIntyre. No word on when both will be getting a push but Triple H does see long-term potential in both talents.

— William Regal has been teasing the TV debut of Dean Ambrose on Twitter as of late. When a fan asked Regal about Ambrose, he replied with the following: “You’ll know soon enough. A new villain will come to town.”

— With the re-release of No Holds Barred with Zeus and Hulk Hogan, WWE reportedly made a profit of $300,000. According to sources, the company spent around $100,000 on production and marketing for the DVD. They are expecting DVD sales to take the profit up to around $400,000. With that being said, No Holds Barred would become the third most profitable move WWE has put out in the last five years.

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