Triple H’s Current Project, WWE PPV Buyrate #’s, & More


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Triple H is currently working on his untitled DVD. He wrote about it on Twitter:

Interviewing for my new DVD. This will be unlike any of my previous ones.

— Here is a breakdown of the buyrates for the past three Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber PPVs. The 2013 events were headlined by The Rock.

Royal Rumble:

2013: 512,000 buys worldwide with 322,000 domestic

2012: 483,000 worldwide and 299,000 domestic

2011: 476,000 worldwide and 281,000 domestic

Elimination Chamber:

2013: 213,000 buys worldwide and 160,000 domestic

2012: 194,000 worldwide and 138,000 domestic

2011: 212,000 worldwide and 145,000 domestic

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