Triple H Says He Has Been Cleared to Return to Training


Its been two months since we’ve seen Triple H inside the ring as a competitor. He and Shawn Michaels reunited to defeat The Undertaker and Kane at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view (PPV) in Saudi Arabia. However, during the match, Triple H suffered a torn pectoral muscle and underwent surgery to repair the injury. Speaking on a media call recently, Triple H provided an update on his status.

“The Game” revealed that he has been cleared to return to training. He was cleared a week ago and has already begun intensifying his workouts:

“I just got cleared to actually start training,” said Triple H. “Anyone that’s had a serious injury knows the difference between rehabbing a couple of hours a day and actually training. The difference is trying to get better vs. actually bettering yourself.

“So, I just got clearance to start training and I’m excited about that as I sit here right now extremely sore from that training. It was one week ago I got the clearance so the training has already been stepped up. But I’m feeling good.”

Perhaps now that he’s training again, “The Game” will be ready to go in time for WrestleMania. Typical recovery time for Triple H’s injury is around 5-9 months. That’d put his return between WrestleMania and SummerSlam. A match against Batista has been teased in the past. In fact, “The Animal” himself posted the following on Twitter just a few days ago:

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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