Tucker Reveals If Heavy Machinery Were Planned To Cash In Money In The Bank As A Tag-Team


During a recent appearance on the OTR Show, former WWE Superstar Tucker revealed whether WWE had any plans to have Heavy Machinery cash in Otis’ Money in the Bank briefcase as a tag-team. For those unaware, there were rumors going around last year that it may be happening. Tucker said,

“I don’t think so, no. I’d have no idea. Just based on my thought, to me I feel like Vince doesn’t feel like the tag division can really draw money. At least that seems to be the way that they’re booked. Even when they have a super emotional story, they might get twenty minutes at the most. They’re never getting forty minutes, they’re never going on last. And the Money in the Bank is like one of the biggest things in the company, it’s one of the biggest prop gimmicks that there is. It’s a ticket to a world title, there’s very few people that have unsuccessfully cash it. It’s like the thing they used to catapult someone, essentially. It would be nice to think they’d use it for us to win the tag team championships, but I don’t think it was the plan. And if it was, it never got there.”

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