Tully Blanchard Cuts A Promo Following AEW Dynamite (Video)


As noted earlier here on eWn, The Pinnacle defeated The Inner Circle during the Blood & Guts match that main evented Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite broadcast. Following the show, Tully Blanchard and the rest of the group cut a backstage promo to react to their big win. During the promo, which you can see below, Blanchard said,

“What you’re looking at is King of Blood & Guts! These guys right here took everything that the Inner Circle could dish out. And yet, they’re over there waving down, ‘No, no, no, no! We give up, we give up!’ And that’s all it took to get our hands raised. You guys right here, you dug deep inside, you took everything they could dish out, and you walked out on top. That’s the way it is! That’s what it’s about, being on the top! Being at the Pinnacle, that’s what it’s about. Ladies and gentlemen, it is your honor to look at these five guys.”

Following Blanchard’s promo, all of the members of The Pinnacle put their hands together and MJF said,

“Because when you’re in the Pinnacle, you’re always on top!”

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