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Tye Dillingers Talks What He Has Learned Since Joining The WWE & Dealing With The Main Roster Schedule



“The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger recently did an interview with Muscle & Fitness to talk strength and conditioning. Those two topics were incorporated into Dillinger’s responses as he spoke on how strength & conditioning has helped him adjust to the busy schedule of being a WWE superstar.

Here are the highlights:

Main Roster Schedule:

“I feel awesome at the moment. In terms of the schedule, that’s what you sign up for and I welcome it with open arms. I have dedicated over 15 years of my life to this industry and the right to wrestle for the No.1 wrestling company in the world. I feel good, I’m excited and I’m ready.”

What Has He Learned Since Joining The WWE:

“This is my second time signing with WWE and I have been around for six and half years in total. The second time around is much different. We have strength and conditioning coaches and on-site medical staff. WWE has gone to great expense to bring the best fitness experts in, all to ensure the talent’s safety, progress, and growth.”

“Right now we have a great strength and conditioning coach in Sean Hayes. He’s accessible any time. I have messaged him questions about health and nutrition at 2 a.m. and he has responded three minutes later. From Sean, I have learned from a wide range of disciplines. He knows how to go about packing on muscle if you want to, or even ease off if you are going too hard. I owe the WWE Performance Center a lot for getting me ready for shows like WrestleMania.”

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