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NewsTyson Kidd Addresses His In-Ring Future, Whether He's Retired

Tyson Kidd Addresses His In-Ring Future, Whether He’s Retired



Tyson Kidd, real name TJ Wilson, has opened up on whether he has any intentions of returning to in-ring action.

Kidd’s in-ring career was cut short due to a severe neck injury that nearly paralyzed him in 2017.

During a recent appearance on the “McGuire On Wrestling” podcast, Kidd brought up having a long wrestling career before the injury. He said,

“Here’s what I don’t think people quite understand, but I wrestled close to exactly 20 years. I get where you see these things and think that it means I’m coming back, but the truth is, when you have something like that for such a long period of time, for me, wrestling was always a physical outlet… I feel like I needed to replace that physical outlet and I upped my time and intensity in the gym a little bit.”

Kidd made it clear that he’s done wrestling and is retired from in-ring action. He stated,

“Yeah. It’s so funny, I answer this all the time and then people don’t believe it, and I understand why. We’ve seen so many other people say that they’re retired or whatever and they come back, and that’s great, that’s cool. It’s not in the cards for me. I have a different injury than most people.”

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