Update: Legit HHH/Daniel Bryan Argument At RAW?


Partial Source: Pwinsider

UPDATE: There are conflicting reports on what went down between Triple H and Daniel Bryan backstage at RAW Monday night. As seen on RAW, Randy Orton defeated Daniel Bryan after the referee stopped the match as Bryan appeared to be injured. It was later revealed that he suffered a “stinger”. As reported, the finish was a legit “shoot” as the original outcome had Bryan pinning Orton clean. This was being done to continue pushing Daniel Bryan as they have major plans for him this summer and he’s expected to headline SummerSlam against John Cena.

After the match was over, Daniel Bryan was said to have been “irate” backstage and approached Triple H at the gorilla position. The two got into a heated shouting match with Bryan saying he’s wrestled all over the world and knows how far he can go and how injured he really was. Triple H countered that they were protecting Bryan and didn’t want anyone hurt, especially with major plans in place for him. The two eventually apologized to each other and Bryan is backstage at SmackDown tonight, where he will face Dean Ambrose as scheduled. There were several witnesses to this with a lot of them “shocked” to see Bryan so upset. Backstage, he’s known as a “soft spoken, easy going” guy who never causes any issues. They were shocked at the fact that he was standing up to someone as high up as Triple H. WWE.com posted a video with Triple H late last night where he addressed the issue. The question is – were Triple H and Daniel Bryan “in on it” and set up a “shoot” atmosphere backstage? That now seems unlikely as the injury, which was legitimate, obviously wasn’t planned beforehand and the backstage argument would have never occurred if he wasn’t injured in the first place.

You can click here to view a video of Triple H talking about the incident. “H” says Daniel Bryan came to the “gorilla position” and was upset about the match being stopped. He says they both “apologized” to each other later in the night and things had “cooled down” between the two.

More as we get it.

ORIGINAL: For those wondering, Daniel Bryan’s injury on RAW was legitimate. He suffered a “stinger” as noted by Michael Cole during the live broadcast. The finish of the match where it was stopped was essentially a “shoot” as Daniel Bryan was scheduled to win the match. The part where D-Bryan “flipped out” and got into a heated argument with Triple H at the gorilla position is storyline related and something WWE decided to add in during the live show. WWE.com posted an interview with Triple H after RAW went off the air where he talked about the “incident.”

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