Update: Numerous WWE Talents Worn Out


A number of talents are reportedly feeling exhausted from the company’s current travel schedule, which requires most to attend every television taping. Some feel Nikki and Brie Bella may have started a trend with the female performers to take away from WWE rather than continuing working on a never-ending basis. The twin duo, as well as Lilian Garcia, have cited exhaustion from WWE’s grueling travel schedule as their reason for leaving the sports entertainment organization.

“It was crazy, Brie and I-when our contracts were coming to an end, we kind of both looked at each other one day and were like, “I’m exhausted.” And she was like, “I’m exhausted.” We were like, “Let’s take a break,” Nikki Bella stated last month to Diva-Dirt.com. “I don’t know if that’s the twin connection, or the twin bond, that we both kind of felt it but we just looked at each other one day and we were just tired. We were really tired and sore. We were like, okay, let’s do this. It was scary.”

Garcia explained in 2010, “Leaving the WWE was one of the hardest decisions I had to make because I was very close to everyone there and loved my job, but after 10-plus years of being on the road it was time to take a break.”

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