Update On MLW’s Plans For Interaction Between Azteca Underground & MLW Fusion


A new report from Pwinsider has given an update on what Azteca Underground’s proprietor Cesar Duran’s role will be within MLW.

The report states that MLW’s upcoming Azteca Underground focused show, tentatively named “MLW: Azteca”, will see Duran backstage for the tapings for the show. Duran will also be backstage for the tapings of the new series of “Fusion: Alpha”. However, it is believed the rosters for the two shows will be kept mostly separate from one another.

In other news, the company has signed Julius Stokes to a full-time deal.

MLW has also released new t-shirts for Aramis, EJ Nduka, Alexander Hammerstone, The Von Erichs and Konnan’s new “5150 Street Foreva” faction.

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