Update On The TLC Buyrate & Punk’s Drawing Power


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE reported earlier this week that December’s Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV did around 170,000 buys. The number is down from last year’s 179,000. The show is listed as having 71,000 domestic buys and 99,000 foreign. This is very low and maybe an error. Last year’s show did 98,000 domestic.

October’s Hell in a Cell PPV, which featured Punk vs. Ryback in the main event (and no John Cena because of injury) did strong sales. The lower buyrate of TLC is good news for Punk, who wasn’t competing on the show due to injury.

CM Punk not wrestling on the show, which had one of the worst buyrates of the year, is a sign that Punk was a solid PPV draw while he was champion and his matches are whether fans will pay $40+ for a PPV.

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