Various News: Dreamer Goes To A Psychic, Forgotten ECW Stars


— has an article of the “Forgotten Stars of ECW,” featuring comments from Paul Heyman. The list includes Danny Doring, CW Anderson, Chilly Willy and more. You can check out the article here.

— Tommy Dreamer has written a new column for The Whig Standard where he talks about his first visit to a psychic medium. You can read the article here.

— Former ECW and WWE executive Lou “E. Dangerously” D’Angeli recently had an interview with Sportstalk Chicago. D’Angeli talked about the CM Punk fan incident, working in Resistance Pro, Devon’s issues in TNA and more.

— Some new details have been released regarding the upcoming autobiography for Hardcore Holly: “The wrestling legend Bob “Hardcore” Holly tells all in this autobiography that chronicles his journey from fighting in bars for money to the bright lights of the World Wrestling Federation. Holly reveals how he took more body slams and clotheslines outside the ring than in and that long before he was known as “Hardcore Holly,” he had an unquenchable passion for professional wrestling. Ultimately, Holly would hold the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hardcore Championship seven times, the WWE Tag Team Championship three times, and the National Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Championship once. But in the midst of his career achievements was a rollercoaster of success and frustration, and Holly reveals the plethora of missed opportunities and broken promises that marked his road to television stardom. Replete with fast motorcycles, faster cars, wresting bears, betrayal, and lost love, Holly shares his uncompromised view of his past and the current state professional wrestling.”

— Writer Mark James has some out new details about his newest book. James has written books about Memphis Wrestling history:

Professional Wrestling Ratings 1973 – 1986, by Mark James

MWH’s latest book is a record book looking back at the professional wrestling ratings from its glory days that took place 1973 through 1986. The unofficial monthly top ten ratings included are for the AWA, NWA, WWWF, Tag Teams, Most Popular & Most Hated. Also included in these ratings are the titles that each person in the top ten held each month.

Step back in history to one of professional wrestling’s most successful times, 1973 through 1986. It was a time when wrestling was happening in every major city in the United States. This book documents the best wrestlers of a forgotten time when professional wrestling matches filled local high school gyms, American Legion Halls and small town arenas. Before the days of sports entertainment there was professional wrestling and the fans loved it. This record book compiles the champions and monthly top ten ratings for the AWA, NWA, WWWF and Tag Teams. Also included are the ratings for the most popular wrestlers as well as the most hated. Get ready to learn who the best wrestlers in the world were back in this classic era.

Mark James, author for Professional Wrestling Ratings 1973 – 1986 says, “When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to see the monthly ratings. In the days before cable TV, it was the only way I knew of to keep up with the wrestling world.”

Professional Wrestling Ratings 1973-1986 (214 pp.) is available now! It is priced at $20.00

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