Videos – Take A Look At The New Levi’s Stadium + A New Trailer For The Kane/Undertaker DVD


— Here is the latest video
trailer for WWE’s upcoming “Brothers of Destruction – Greatest Matches”

Tech Crunch has provided a look at Levi’s Stadium in California, which is the home of WrestleMania 31. The
venue seats 68,500 fans, with an additional 75,000 that can be added for events
like the Super Bowl. There are two screens on each side and 19,200 square feet

It also features WiFi with
over 1,000 access points in the stadium. There will be over 40 Gbps of
connectivity, which is 40 times the capacity of other stadiums. Finally, there
will be an app that allows the fans to watch instant replays from their mobile
devices in the stadium, with several different camera angles. The app also
features paperless ticketing and the ability to order food and drinks from your

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