Vince McMahon Appears On This Week’s RAW, Austin Theory Involved


Vince McMahon once again appeared on this week’s episode of RAW.

During several segments that aired during the show, McMahon appeared to be mentoring and trying to intimidate Austin Theory. This marks Vince’s third straight appearance on WWE television, as he appeared at Survivor Series, last week’s RAW, and this week’s RAW.

In the first backstage segment of the show, Theory came into McMahon’s office and asked him how he was doing. That led to McMahon going on a rant where he said he hates when people ask him how he’s doing because he has “irritable bowel syndrome, an ingrown toenail and an earache”. Vince noted that he was impressed with Theory’s effort against Big E. last week and told him to sit in his office and watch the show with him to see if there would be any other surprises coming. Vince wanted to know “if anyone expects the unexpected, and if they do, how they’re going to respond.”

At the end of the show, Vince wound up slapping Theory and told him that if he ever stole from him again, he’d “kill” him.

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