Vince Russo Blasts Seth Rollins’ Presentation On RAW, Calls Him A Joke


Former WWE head writer Vince Russo had some scathing remarks about new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins’ presentation and booking on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW from Albany, New York.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s “Legion of RAW” podcast, Russo started off by venting his frustrations with the red brand in general. He said,


“I am so sick of this show, bro. There isn’t anything I do during my entire week that is more of a waste of time than watching this show. That includes naps, time on the toilet, reading. I’d rather be outside reading; I’d rather be watering the plants. I am so sick of this show.”

He further bashed Rollins’ overly dramatic entrances and criticized him for engaging and encouraging the crowd to keep singing his song for extended periods of time, often several minutes. Suggesting it is a waste of time, Russo said,

“It takes Seth Rollins eight minutes into the show before he says a word. Am I supposed to be sitting here for eight minutes watching this guy walking through the crowd? Is my time that worthless? My time is that worthless that I’m gonna watch a cosplayer walk down to the ring. Eight minutes before the first word is spoken.”

Criticizing the booking and formatting on RAW, he said,

“I am so sick of watching this show. It’s the same thing every freaking week. A meaningless tag match at the end of this show for the last 15-20 minutes that means absolutely nothing.”

Coming back to how the singing negatively impacts the show, Russo said,

“What’s with the F-ing singing? Like what is wrong? What is with the singing, guys? Is this a singalong like freaking Sesame Street now? Is that what this show is? Could you imagine them singing along with Bruno Sammartino and singing along with Roddy Piper and singing along with Randy Savage? This whole thing has become a mockery. This is a joke.”

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