Would MVP Return To WWE?, Flo Rida/Slater Plans, Laurinaitis


— When asked if he would ever return to WWE, MVP recently said on Twitter, “Never again.”

John Laurinaitis has commented on what he meant by saying Brock Lesnar brought “legitimacy” back to the WWE in an interview on their website. He said: “Brock has achieved incredible success on every level. He’s the only athlete to ever win the WWE Championship, the UFC Heavyweight Championship and an NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship. Quite frankly, I couldn’t imagine a better man than Brock more suited to be the face of WWE. No offense to John Cena, who’s an outstanding athlete in his own right, but he’s no Brock Lesnar.”

— On Thursday, William Regal and Alicia Fox will be signing in Cardiff, Wales to promote a WWE Best of RAW and SmackDown DVD. The signing takes place at the HMV on Queen Street.

— Bret Hart recently spoke with MyWestTexas.com about his memories of wrestling in Texas.

— The feud between WrestleMania 28 celebrity guest Flo Rida and Heath Slater continued on Twitter over the weekend. WWE.com picked up on Flo Rida’s recent video challenge to Heath Slater as well as their recent back and forth. At this time there is no confirmation on Fl Rida actually stepping into a WWE ring, but it would appear that it is a possibility.

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