Wrestler Shoots On Ryback, Jeff Hardy Talks About His Match With The Young Bucks The Night Before Mania


One half of the current RAW Tag-Team Champions, Jeff Hardy talked with his colleague, Chris Jericho on the “Talk Is Jericho” podcast & during the interview, Jeff recalled him & Matt’s match from Ring Of Honor: Supercard Of Honor XI vs. The Young Bucks.

Here’s an excerpt from that particular portion of the podcast:

“I know I went through two tables and we broke about eight all together. It was pretty intense. Those guys, they go off. I hardly had any offense. I just took superkicks and went through tables and took Meltzer Drivers. We brought the seesaw spot. I took a superkick and went up like a seesaw. Nick just went over and does X-Pac’s gimmick where he just sits down and he throws the ladder and knocks me crazy.”


Wrestler Gran Akuma had this to say via Twitter about Ryback who is known to have outlandish comments regarding independent wrestling & the sport in general.

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