Wrestlers Are Reportedly “Hesitant” To Work For James Ellsworth’s Company ACW


With the recent allegations of sexual harassment of a minor being made public, James Ellsworth seemingly can’t catch a break. Although the 16 year old victim of his sex crimes won’t be pressing charges, Ellsworth is still feeling the damages in other ways.


Ellsworth opened his own wrestling promotion, Adrenaline Championship Wrestling, which is scheduled to hold a massive show on December 29th. Although Ellsworth has denied sending explicit pictures to minors, Under The Mat Radio reported that the show is now cancelled due to talent not wanting to work under Ellsworth any longer.

Dave Meltzer described the incident as a “Career killer” and now Gillberg, Sunny, Joey Ryan, and Sandman are all refusing to work the show. We don’t know if the entire promotion will close down, but we do know that their big December show is cancelled, and four big stars have now refused to work the show. We will keep you up to date with any more breaking news about this story.

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