WWE Director Kevin Dunn Could Be Investigated For Insider Trading


Veteran WWE director Kevin Dunn could soon be under an investigation of his own due to his actions in the wake of the Vince McMahon investigation.

McMahon is being investigated by WWE’s board over an alleged affair with a paralegal, who he allegedly organized a $3 million payout in ‘hush money.’


Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics reports that $2.1 million of stock was moved yesterday, shortly before the Wall Street Journal article about the McMahon investigation was published.

WWE’s Board of Directors, of which Dunn has been a member in the past, was notified of the investigation in April.

In May, Dunn moved over $1 million in stock, equivalent to over 15,000 shares.

The report speculates that Dunn sold his stock after learning of the investigation and before it was publicly revealed, believing it would lower the value of WWE shares.

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