WWE Hell In A Cell Results: Otis vs. The Miz


The following is our play-by-play coverage of this match from the WWE Hell In A Cell PPV event:

Otis vs. The Miz – Otis’ Money in the Bank briefcase is on the line

They went back and forth until Miz blocked a back suplex and sent him to the floor. Miz missed a kick through the ropes and Otis hit him with a clothesline. John Morrison distracted Otis, which allowed Miz to connect with a DDT for a near fall.

Morrison got involved and was removed from ringside. Miz tried to roll him up but got two. Otis hit a clothesline for 2. Tucker hit Otis in the head with the briefcase and Miz pinned him. 

Winner: The Miz – New Money in the Bank Holder

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