WWE Might Ignore Finn Balor’s Concussion


As most of you are probably aware by now, multiple sources have confirmed that former WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor has a concussion due to a stiff forearm from Jinder Mahal in their match on RAW. Multiple wrestling news sources have backed PWInsider’s initial report that the concussion is legit. WWE has yet to make an official statement and the question is, will they?


The Inquisitr stated that the reasoning behind WWE not acknowledging Balor’s injury is due to a similar situation with Randy Orton in his match vs. Brock Lesnar at the 2016 SummerSlam PPV.


Lesnar hit Orton with numerous forearms in which a couple of them connected directly into Orton’s head which caused him to bleed badly & ultimately gave Randy a concussion. The Inquisitr stated:“WWE really did not even acknowledge the concussion, however, despite the fact that it was obvious and various websites had reported on it. In fact, WWE tried to cover up the concussion at that time. They did not allow Orton to really work any matches, and when he did end up doing them it was for a short time.”

The reason WWE does not acknowledge concussions is due to the uncertainty of one’s concussion. A superstar can have a concussion but still perform promos but just has to stay away from the ring until cleared. Again, WWE has not released a statement on the state of Finn Balor and his reported concussion.

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