WWE No Way Out Attendance, Daniel Bryan/WWE, Gunn


— The WWE No Way Out PPV drew 10,000 fans. This is considered to be one of the lowest attended WWE events in years at The Izod Center.

— Daniel Bryan is today’s featured Superstar on WWE.com.

— Billy Gunn sent out the following today‚Ķ. In this week’s episode of the “The Gunn Show” — an online mini-series featuring former WWE and TNA superstar Billy Gunn — Billy is challenged to a gool ol’ fashioned arm wrestling match. We’re all aware Billy is strong, but there’s special training and technique needed to be a good arm wrestler. Does Billy have what it takes to beat someone with more experience at it than him? As always, “The Gunn Show” is brought to you by Vegas Fuel Energy Drink, available at Rite Aide nationwide. Follow Billy Gunn on Twitter @RealBillyGunn. Gunn Facts: Billy Gunn LOVES the month of July. His favorite math problem is 2+3 because he’s pretty sure he knows the answer to it!

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