WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames II Results – Ciampa vs. Dream, Baszler vs. Sane


Welcome to the WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames II event! We get an intro video package to hype the matches that will be taking place tonight. Matt Riddle walked out to the ring and cut a promo in the ring. He called out Kassius Ohno for a match and vowed to knock him out in both rings. Ohno walked out to the ring and said that everyone knows that Riddle isn’t ready.

Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno

The match starts and Riddle hit him with a running knee for the win. It was over in a flash.

Winner: Riddle

NXT Women’s Title Two-Out-Of-Three Falls Match: Shayna Baszler © vs. Kairi Sane

Sane caught her with a running drop kick right out of the gate then landed some strikes followed by a neck breaker. Sane with a running elbow that sent the champ to the floor and then Sane connected with a dive off the apron. Sane is fired up. Jessica Duke and Shafir came out of nowhere to send Sane into the ring post then back into the ring where Bazler locked in a rear-naked choke for the first fall.

First Fall: Baszler

Bazler caught her with a running knee after the quick break and then went after another choke. However, this time, Sane was able to battle out of it. Baszler worked over the left leg of the challenger then stomped on her face. Baszler locked in a chin lock but Sane got out of it with strikes. Baszler went for a suplex but Sane rolled her up for 2. Baszler went right back to the choke but Sane rolled through and landed a major league chop. Baszler with a clothesline to cut off the challenger. Sane tossed her to the apron and hit a counter suplex DDT. Sane went to the top rope and hit an elbow drop onto the heels. Back in the ring, Sane hit an elbow drop off the top rope to score her first fall.

First Fall: Sane

Sane with a spear to the champ after the pause then another one. They battle on the middle rope with strikes Sane hit a sunset flip powerbomb for 2. Sane hit a big slam then went to the top rope but Duke distracted the referee and Shafir knocked down Sane. This led to Io Shari and Dakota Kai to making the save. Sane went for an elbow drop but Baszler countered and rolled her up for the win.

Winner: Shayna Baszler ©

Singles Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Aleister Black

Black went right after him, connected with a massive head kick. Back in the ring, Black missed a kick and Gargano was landing a series of quick strikes. Gargano mocked Black by sitting in his position and then landed a kick. Gargano is using quick movements to gain an advantage. Black with a knee strike to the face and gut. Black with some quick strikes of his own that sent Gargano to the floor and went for an outside dive but faked it out. Gargano with a knee strike to the face then a series of boots in the corner. Gargano with a quick roll up for 2 then transitioned into a surfboard type submission. Gargano put the boots to him once again. Black took him out with an outside dive then back in the ring, Black landed a series of kicks in the corner and followed up with a sweep. Black connected with a springboard moonsault for 2. Black connected with a head kick then went for an outside dive but Gargano moved and hit his own outside dive DDT to Black. Back in the ring, Gargano hit a slingshot DDT for 2. Black started taunting him while beating him down. This fired up Black wh hit a spinning back elbow and a big boot. Gargano connected with a super kick then a running knee. An amazing sequence. Black with a head kick then a double knee strike after spring boarding and finally connected with a german suplex into a bridge for 2. Gargano with a big DDT and locked in the Gargano Escape but Black rolled through to break it. Gargano with a head kick then sent him head first onto the middle turnbuckle. Black taunted him and Gargano missed a running knee. Gargano with a superkick then the running knee for 2. They exchange strikes until Black hit a knee strike. Gargano pushed him to the floor and went for an outside dive but Black blasted him with a knee strike to the face. Gargano pleaded Black to put him out of his beating. Black went for Black Mass but Gargano blocked it and locked in the Gargano Lock but Black rolled out of it. Black with a running knee then Black Mass twice for the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

NXT Title Match: Tommaso Ciampa © vs. Velveteen Dream

They did some mat wrestling to begin the match. Ciampa landed a series of strikes and the mocked Dream as he held the headband. Back in the ring, Dream with a front facelock then mocked the champ. Dream with a clothesline then a powerslam followed by a drop kick and then using the top rope to his advantage. Dream with a big boot then went for a leg drop but Ciampa rolled to the ring. Dream with an outside dive to take out Ciampa. Back in the ring, Ciampa sent him off the top rope to the floor. Ciampa with a big knee strike and a clothesline. Back in the ring, Ciampa locked in a headlock but Dream got out of it with a roll up. They trade right hands then Dream landed a neck breaker. Dream with some more strikes then a flying forearm shot. Dream with a series of clothesline. Ciampa blocked a DDT but Dream hit a big boot and a leg drop followed by another one. Dream with a major league spinebuster for 2. Dream went after the right knee of Ciampa by using the apron as a weapon. Dream locked in a leg submission around the ring post and Ciampa tapped but the referee didn’t see it. Back in the ring, Dream locked in the figure leg lock on the champion but Ciampa reversed it and Dream had to break it. Dream suplexed him from inside to the outside of the ring and to the floor. Back in the ring, Ciampa went for a move but Dream blocked it. Dream missed a wild kick and Ciampa rolled him up but was using the tights. Dream hit his finisher for a near fall. They exchange elbow strikes until Ciampa hit a flying knee strike then hit Project Ciampa for a near fall. Ciampa undid his boot and grabbed the title but the referee took it away. Dream rolled him up for 2. Dream hit his finisher to Ciampa on the title for 2. Dream went for an elbow drop off the top rope but Ciampa avoided it Dream went for the figure four leg lock but Ciampa kicked him out of the ring then hit a spring board DDT for 2. Ciampa ripped up the padding on the outside. However, Dream sent him crashing over the announce table. Dream with a DDT in ring then an elbow drop for 2. Dream went to the top rope and missed an elbow drop off the top rope to the floor. Ciampa with a DDT on the steel part between the two rings for the win.

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