WWE Studios Head Speaks Out On New Plans & More


WWE Studios Head Michael Luisi spoke at the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting yesterday at Titan Tower. He discussed strategies for the studio getting back on track in 2012, the genres they will focus on and more. Here are some highlights:

On content and distribution: On top of their PG-rated family-friendly films, WWE Studios will produce PG-13 and R-rated films, and different genres such as horror, science-fiction or drama. Just like the WWE, each genre has its own hardcore fan base.

On acquiring completed films: The studio has begun acquiring completed films, allowing them to brand them as WWE films and marketing them over other properties.

On bringing in partners for the feature films: Each feature film will have a 50% partner going forward, reducing their risk and giving them a partner with a vested interest in the films’ success.

Taking advantage of the company’s marketing platforms: The studio intends to take full advantage of the success of their TV programming, with Luisi describing it as “fertile ground” to market and integrate their films, just as The Muppets and Hugh Jackman appeared to promote their own films.

The upcoming film slate: The films on tap include The Day, which was acquired at the Toronto International Film Festival in August, No One Lives featuring Brodus Clay, Dead Man Down with Colin Farrell and a reboot of Leprachaun (teaming with Lionsgate), which will be the first of a two-picture deal. The Marine: Homefront will begin filming in June.

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