WWE TLC 2020 Results: Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE TLC PPV event:

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles – TLC Match

McIntyre got the early advantage. They traded shots then McIntyre connected with a back body drop. McIntyre sent Styles flying off the top rope with a chop to the chest. McIntyre tossed him across a table while knocking over some chairs. McIntyre climbed  a ladder in the ring, but Styles hit him in the back of the leg with a chair. McIntyre launched AJ, who climbed the ladder instead only for McIntyre to send him head first into a chair in the corner. AJ also sent Drew into a chair. McIntyre fought back with a DDT. Drew tossed a ladder onto AJ. Styles did a calf crusher while using a ladder.

AJ put him on a table outside of the ring, but Drew tossed a chair at his face. AJ hit him in the face with a ladder. McIntyre hit a bell-to-belly suplex on the ladder to Styles. Styles climbed the ladder and Drew press slammed him over the top rope through a table on the floor. The Miz ran down to the ring with John Morrison. Miz powerbombed McIntyre off the ladder through a table. This turned it into a three-way match after Miz cashed in the MITB briefcase. Omos sent Miz flying over the top rope through a table. Morrison hit Omos in the back with a chair, but Omos no sold it and walked Morrison backstage.

McIntyre and Styles climbed a ladder while Miz set one up next to them. McIntyre knocked them both down, but Styles fought back. McIntyre sent them crashing and onto the top rope. McIntyre hit a Claymore Kick to Miz. 

Winner: Drew McIntyre – Still Champion

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