WWE Total Divas Preview & Eva Marie’s Wedding, Lana & Rusev’s Message For The Big Show, More


— Rusev and Lana were on the WWE App during SmackDown last
night to talk about what happened on WWE RAW.

Lana said: “Despite what everyone thought, Rusev was not going to
pull down the American flag,”
Lana said. “We would not lower
ourselves to such standards. Just like your bigoted military that always paints
Mother Russia as the villain. You Americans bask yourselves in your own
ignorance of your supposed superiority.”

Rusev added: “We will crush anyone that stands in our way. And Big
Show, you and you’re misguided anger and your oversized giant American heart
will not help you this Sunday in Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Big Show, like
America this Sunday, you will fail.”

— Tomorrow is the mid-season finale of Total Divas, which features the
wedding of Eva Marie. E! News has posted an exclusive
of the episode, featuring the unique design for the
wedding dress.

Eva Marie said: “I’m super excited today because Jonathan and I are
going to get fitted for our wedding. Time is ticking and the big day is just
approaching us so fast.“

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