WWE WrestleMania 32 2016 Live Coverage Streaming Results (April 3rd, 2016) – Shane/’Taker, More!


Event: WWE WRESTLEMANIA 32 Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas
Results by Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com


Mountain Dew Kick Start is sponsoring the WrestleMania Kickoff Show. Renee Young welcomes us to the show. WWE Hall of Famers Booker T and Lita join her. The WrestleMania set certainly looks impressive. In the Social Media Lounge is Tom Phillips and Cathy Kelley. They talk about how excited they are. Corey Graves is outside with a bunch of rabid wrestling fans. Graves talks about how this is the biggest WrestleMania in history.

On today’s WrestleMania Kickoff Show, Kalisto will defend his WWE United States Championship against Ryback. On the second half on the USA Network, Team Total Divas will take on Team B.A.D. and Blonde. We’ll also see The Usos take on The Dudley Boyz.

JoJo is backstage with Kevin Owens. She says he has a high profile match at WrestleMania with six men against him in a Ladder Match. Owens asks if she thought that question through. Owens says he deserved a high profile match, but he was put in this match. Owens understands he’s at a disadvantage, but he still has a shot. Dolph Ziggler is the least funny comedian of all time. Ziggler has made a career of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If there’s a wrong place, it’s in a ring with him and ladders. Sin Cara means “no face” in English. Owens says he has no chance. As for Stardust, he’ll be busy building a spaceship out of the ladders, so he’s not worried. Zack Ryder just a few weeks ago was going to buy tickets to come to the show, so he’s lucky to be here. The Miz is The Miz, so yeah, he has a good show. JoJo asks about Sami Zayn. Owens derisively asks who that is. JoJo says he’s Owens’ former best friend. Owens says K-O-Mania is the showcase of one man only – Kevin Owens.

The WrestleMania Kickoff panel breaks down the WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match and give their predictions on it.

Video Package: Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles

WrestleMania is presented by Snickers – you’re not you when you’re hungry.

Corey Graves is outside with some wrestling fans. Some matches they’re excited for are the Divas triple threat match, the ladder match, and seeing Brock Lesnar kick some ace – his words, not mine.

Video Package: Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks for the WWE Divas Championship

The panel breaks down this match, and Lita really puts over how this could be a breakout performance for all three women involved. They then talk about the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and give their thoughts on that match.

A replay is shown of The New Day retaining their WWE Tag Team Championships against The League of Nations on RAW a few weeks back. The League of Nations immediately decimated The New Day following that match. The New Day will face the League of Nations in a 4-on-3 Handicap Match tonight at WrestleMania 32. Booker T initially picked The League of Nations to win before flip-flopping to The New Day. Lita called him out for that.

Video Package: Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose

Tom Phillips and Cathy Kelley are in the Social Media Lounge with Paul Heyman. They ask how Brock Lesnar will keep a man down that doesn’t stay down. Heyman says Lesnar will do it with his hands and his impressive sports background. As a collegiate wrestler for a top-notch school, that involved holding men down. Lesnar will give Ambrose an F5 and pin him. The next question is how many times will Lesnar suplex Ambrose. Heyman says that is up to Lesnar and at his pleasure. Lesnar will hit Ambrose with as many suplexes as he needs to or feels he needs to. How would Heyman feel if Ambrose conquered Lesnar? Heyman laughs heartily and asks if they’re telling jokes or asking questions. Heyman wants substantive questions predicated on a factual basis. Heyman doesn’t deal in “what ifs.” Lesnar will conquer Dean Ambrose before saying Tom Phillips did a horrible job. Heyman was pleased with Kelley’s performance.

The panel breaks down the match. Booker T thinks this will be the last time we see Dean Ambrose.

Corey Graves is on the WrestleMania stage and shows a camera angle down the ramp.

Video Package: WWE Hall of Fame highlights

Mauro Ranallo, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Byron Saxton are ringside to call the first match of the WrestleMania Kickoff Show.

WWE United States Championship Match
Kalisto (c) vs. Ryback

There are a lot of empty seats in the crowd. The word is that the lines are moving extremely slow and it is not well organized getting people admitted in. They show a tale of the tape for the two men showing the incredible size difference. Eden Stiles does the introductions in the ring. Heavy boos for Ryback. Decent amount of cheers for Kalisto.

The bell rings, and they stare at each other in the center of the ring. A “Goldberg” chant breaks out. The disparity in size is impressive. Kalisto hooks a side headlock on, but Ryback slams him off. Ryback taunts him before lifting him up in a waistlock. Kalisto elbows out and clubs him. Ryback stops a whip and viciously throws him out of the ring. Ryback continues to taunt him. Kalisto rolls into the ring and runs into a rough shoulder block. Ryback shoves him to the corner, but Kalisto kicks and punches him back before hitting a second rope diving bulldog for a two count. The kick-out sends Kalisto out of the ring. Kalisto gets in the ring as Ryback gets out. Kalisto hits him with a baseball slide and flips to the apron. Kalisto then takes him out with a flying double knee off the apron. Ryback immediately pops up and starts throwing him into the barricade. Ryback press slams him and walks up the steps before throwing him into the ring. Kalisto desperately kicks him back before running into a military press slam.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Kalisto kick out of a pin attempt. Ryback argues with the referee over the count. Ryback picks him up, but Kalisto kicks him away. Kalisto hits the ropes, but Ryback takes him out with a back elbow for a two count. Ryback clubs the back before digging his knee into his chest. Ryback knees him in the back. Kalisto gets to his feet and kicks away at him. Kalisto hits the ropes and goes for a head-scissor takeover, but Ryback counters into a modified Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Kalisto rolls to the apron, and Ryback starts slapping away at him. Kalisto kicks him in the head and goes to the top rope. Ryback cuts him off and clubs away at him. Ryback then hits a delayed vertical superplex, but Kalisto counters into a pin for a near fall. Ryback immediately annihilates him with a clothesline. Ryback goes for Shell Shocked, but Kalisto counters into a DDT. Kalisto connects with a head-scissor DDT for a near fall.

Kalisto begins kicking away at Ryback’s chest. Kalisto ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard corkscrew elbow for a near fall. Ryback is looking loopy. Kalisto kicks away at Ryback before he blocks one and murders him with a spinebuster. The crowd is booing Ryback. Ryback taunts Kalisto as he struggles to get to his feet. Ryback pulls him off the turnbuckle, and the pad comes off. Ryback goes for a powerbomb, but Kalisto gets out and gives him a drop-toe-hold into the exposed turnbuckle! Kalisto connects with Salida del Sol to retain the championship!

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: Kalisto
Match Rating: ** 1/4

We’re about to go live on the USA Network for the second half of the WrestleMania Kickoff Show. We’re going to see Team Total Divas take on Team B.A.D. and Blonde. We’ll also see The Dudley Boyz take on The Usos.

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The WrestleMania Kickoff Panel talks about some of the upcoming matches and welcomes people watching on the USA Network.

The Total Divas (Brie Bella, Eva Marie, Alicia Fox, Paige, and Natalya) vs. Team B.A.D. and Blonde (Naomi, Tamina, Emma, Summer Rae, and Lana)

Alicia Fox will start against Summer Rae. They lock up, and Alicia viciously elbows her in the face before kicking her in the back. Summer forearms her back before having a whip reversed. They move in slow motion for a few moments before Alicia hits a dropkick. Alicia hits a scary tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. All ten divas enter the ring, and the referee tries to keep the peace.

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We come back from the break to see Eva Marie in the ring with Emma. The crowd is loudly booing Eva, and she taunts them. Eva connects with a head-scissor takeover. Eva hits a snap suplex and taunts the opposing team before hitting a second suplex. The crowd is lightly chanting, “You can’t wrestle.” Eva hits Natalya with a hard tag. Natalya picks Emma up, and Emma slaps her. Naomi is tagged in, and she chops Natalya. Natalya fights her back, but Naomi begins kicking away at her before missing a dropkick by a mile. Natalya slams her down before hitting a front dropkick for a two count. Paige is tagged in, and she hits the Hart Attack with Natalya. Paige hits a shining wizard on Naomi before connecting with a high knee. Naomi quickly gets out with a double knee before missing an avalanche. Emma is tagged in, and Paige goes for a wheelbarrow, but Emma counters into a suplex for a near fall. Emma stands on the hair and pulls her up. Lana is tagged in, and she gets a good reception. Lana kicks Paige in the back of the head before giving her a forearm. Paige pushes her off, but Lana takes her out with a bicycle kick. Lana taunts Brie, and the referee holds her back. Lana mocks the “YES” chant before tagging Tamina in. Tamina covers Paige for a two count. Tamina hits a suplex for a two count. Tamina applies a neck vice, but Paige fights up. Tamina sends her to the corner and punches her. Tamina puts her on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Paige fights her off. Naomi comes in for a double superplex. Natalya goes for a tower of doom, but they fight her off. Paige then throws Naomi and Tamina out of the ring and connects with a cross-body to the floor on the heel diva team.

Tamina stops Paige from making the tag and puts her back in her corner. Emma is tagged in, and she puts Paige in the corner. Emma stomps away at her, but Paige counters with a sloppy move into the turnbuckle. Brie and Naomi are tagged in. Brie clotheslines Naomi and knocks Lana off the apron. Brie kicks away at Naomi’s chest a la Daniel Bryan. The crowd is loudly doing the “YES” chant. Brie hits the Bella Buster, but Lana breaks it up. Natalya clotheslines Lana, and Tamina lays Natalya out with a Samoan Drop. Eva comes in and gives Tamina Sliced Bread #2 to loud boos. The divas continue taking each other out before Paige hits Emma with a fall-away slam. Naomi hits the Rear View on Paige before Brie knocks her down. Naomi avoids a knee to the face and dropkicks her. Naomi taunts the crowd before hitting a split-legged moonsault, but Brie kind of gets the knee up. Brie goes to the top rope, but Naomi is clearly on the opposite side of the ring. Lana knocks Brie off the top rope. Naomi tries to capitalize, but Brie counters into the YES! Lock for the win!

Winners by Submission: The Total Divas
Match Rating: * 3/4

Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring in a neck brace clapping for the Total Divas. They embrace in the ring and lift Brie onto their shoulders in a really nice moment.

We’ll see a preview of The Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon, next.

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The commentators talk about The Undertaker taking on Shane McMahon tonight in a Hell in a Cell match. If Shane wins, he gains control of Monday Night RAW. If Undertaker loses, this will be his final WrestleMania.

Video Package: The Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon

Lilian Garcia asks the crowd to welcome Lita. Lita is in the ring with a table. There is an object covered by a red cloth. Lita says she remembers the first moments of wrestling that motivated her to want to be a wrestler. Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Sensational Sherri, Alundra Blayze, Jacqueline, and Trish Stratus – no one told them no. These women paved the way for a whole new division. It was the Divas Division. We just saw ten of the current divas come out and show what it means to compete today in this ring. Later on tonight, in a triple threat match, we will see the champion Charlotte, the Irish Lass Kicker Becky Lynch, and The Boss, Sasha Banks. Those three women have been very instrumental in the next evolution of women in this business. They are so much more than divas. They are all WWE Superstars. Lita says it is her great honor to let them know that the winner of the triple threat match will become the WWE Women’s Champion. Lita unveils the WWE Women’s Championship, which is like the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but with a white strap and red background.

Coming up next, we’ll see The Dudley Boyz take on The Usos.

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The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz

A brawl breaks out at the sound of the bell. The Dudley Boyz send Jey into the ropes and connect with a double-team flapjack. D-Von Dudley punches away at Jimmy Uso as a loud “We want tables” chant breaks out. D-Von chokes Jimmy with his boot before sending him into the ropes for a spinning back elbow. D-Von picks up a one count. Jimmy fights up, but D-Von clotheslines him down for a two count. Bubba is tagged in, and he stomps Jimmy in the ribs. Bubba says that’s what they used to do to their father, Rikishi. Bubba chokes him on the ropes and taunts him about his father. Bubba elbows him in the shoulder before talking some trash. Bubba says he’s going to take his time and beat the hell out of him. Bubba connects with some jabs before going for a bionic elbow, but Jimmy superkicks him.

Jey and D-Von are tagged in. Jey hits Bubba on the apron before hitting D-Von with a Samoan Drop. Bubba walks in and body slams him. The Dudley Boyz connect with the “Whassup” head-butt. Bubba then tells D-Von to get the tables. Jey superkicks Bubba, and the crowd loudly boos The Usos. Jey goes for a splash on D-Von, but D-Von gets the knees up. They hit 3-D II, but Jey kicks out. They wait for a 3-D, but Jimmy superkicks Bubba. Jey then superkicks D-Von to end the match.

Winners by Pinfall: The Usos
Match Rating: *

The Dudley Boyz attack them from behind. D-Von goes under the ring and grabs a table. Bubba gets a table as well. They set the two tables up in the ring at opposite ends. The Usos superkick them, and the crowd is loudly booing them. They set the tables up end-to-end before laying The Dudley Boyz on top of them. The Usos then hit stereo splashes through the tables before celebrating.

The WrestleMania Kickoff Panel breaks down the upcoming WrestleMania card as well as advertising The Rock being there.

Michael Cole makes his entrance, and there are thunderous boos for him from 100,000 people. JBL gets a massive pop coming out for the Texas crowd.

Video Package: Triple H vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

WrestleMania 32 is next!

The show opens with Fifth Harmony singing “America the Beautiful.”

A video package runs looking back at the history of WrestleMania.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to WrestleMania 32. We go live inside AT&T Stadium in Dallas. A gigantic display of pyro goes off in the entrance area and around the huge WrestleMania star logo above.

Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton officially welcome us to the show as Dolph Ziggler is out first.

WWE Intercontinental Championship – Ladder Match
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Sami Zayn vs. Stardust vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder vs. The Miz vs. Sin Cara

The bell rings and everyone bails except for Kevin Owens who takes a moment to soak in the huge crowd. Sami Zayn is back in with a ladder. Owens and Zayn drop the ladder exchanging shots. Zayn with big elbows. Ziggler nails a ladder against the back of Zayn. Owens pushes Ziggler away. Sin Cara with a shot on Owens. Stardust scoop slams Sin Cara over a ladder. Zack Ryder with a neckbreaker on Stardust over a ladder. Miz clears house and throws a ladder at Sin Cara. Miz sets up a big ladder. Ziggler and Zayn throw him off. Blue Thunder Bomb by Zayn on Ziggler.

Owens with a high back body drop on Zayn. Zayn lands back first over a ladder against the ropes. Ryder drops Owens and starts setting up the ladder. Ryder is near the top when Ziggler cuts him off. Stardust pushes over the ladder crotching Ryder and sending Ziggler off. Sin Cara throws Stardust off the ladder and over the top rope. Zayn clears house. Sin Cara off the ladder springboarding himself off taking out Ziggler, Miz, Starudst and Ryder at ringside. Zayn eats a superkick from Ziggler at ringside. Miz eats a superkick inside the ring. Sin Cara eats a superkick as well. Ryder is in next, gets launched into a ladder head first and eats a superkick from Ziggler. Ziggler is climbing up the ladder when Owens cuts him off. Ziggler and Owens both land a superkick at the same time. Stardust pulls out a polka dot ladder and a loud “DUSTY” chant starts up. Stardust clears house on Ryder, Ziggler, Sin Cara and Zayn inside the ring. Miz cuts it off and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Stardust over the ladder. Owens drops Miz over the ladder. Owens throws the polka dot ladder out and gets in a shot on Sin Cara as another ladder was being brought in. Zayn jumps and throws big rights at Owens. Owens cuts off Zayn. Zayn falls over a ladder. Owens comes off the top and connects with a frog splash on Zayn over the ladder! Owens got some serious height on that jump.

Owens with a Pop Up Powerbomb on Miz. Ryder takes out Owens, climbs up the ladder, gets to the other side and drops a flying elbow over Miz from the top of the ladder! Ziggler and Ryder are brawling back at the top of the ladder. Ziggler pulls Ryder off connecting with a facebuster. Ziggler favors his knee immediately. Ziggler hops up the ladder on one leg. Owens pulls Ziggler off the ladder connecting with a Pop Up Powerbomb. Stardust with his twisting neckbreaker on Owens. Stardust is kicked back onto a ladder that was propped up over the ring apron and ring barricade.Sin Cara is near the top of the main ladder by the title. Owens tilts the ladder over. Sin Cara jumps and crashes over Stardust bending the other ladder in half. Owens is climbing up the ladder. Zayn cuts him off. Owens and Zayn exchange rights. Zayn drops Owens’ face off the ladder. Owens with a thumb to the eye. Zayn falls off. Owens reaches up. Zayn pulls Owens down and connects with an overhead suplex dropping Owens over a ladder on the mat! Zayn is now climbing up the ladder. Zayn is at the top. Miz pushes the ladder over and Zayn crashes through the ropes to the outside. Miz is climbing up now. Miz has the title in his hand smiling. Ryder jumps up and knocks Miz off the ladder. Ryder reaches up and pulls the title down.

Winner and new WWE Intercontinental Champion: Zack Ryder

After the match, Zack Ryder’s father gets in the ring and hugs Zack. Zack climbs back up the ladder holding up the WWE Intercontinental Championship celebrating with some “WOO WOO WOO” chants inside AT&T Stadium.

A video package runs hyping Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles tonight.

Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles

Lock up and Jericho gets a shoulder tackle early on Styles. Styles with a huricanrana takedown and clotheslines Jericho over the top rope. Jericho is upset and walks around the ringside area to regain composure. Styles chases Jericho on the outside back inside the ring. Styles with a quick kick to the body. Jericho returns with chops. Styles with a springboard dropkick sending Jericho to the outside. Jericho catches Styles with a dropkick as Styles attempts to springboard himself to the outside. Back inside, Jericho with an elbow off the second rope catching Styles. Jericho with a quick vertical suplex. Jericho keeps Styles grounded with a headlock. Styles with repeated strikes to Jericho and follows with a big running forearm. Styles catches Jericho with a big dropkick. Jericho avoids a kick and rolls through going for the Walls of Jericho. Jericho gets Styles turned over and locked in. Styles gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Styles catches Jericho with a springboard inverted DDT for a two count. Jericho crotches himself in the corner courtesy of Styles. Jericho with slaps to Styles in the corner. Both Jericho and Styles are standing up on the top rope. Jericho pulls Styles down face first into the mat off the top.

Jericho blocks a Pele Kick and gets the Walls of Jericho locked back on. Styles is reaching and almost gets near the bottom rope when Jericho pulls him back out. Styles counters and gets the Calf Crusher applied. Jericho with elbows and gets Styles rolled over for a two count. Jericho avoids a Styles Clash attempt. Jericho with a Codebreaker after he avoids a springboard forearm attempt by Styles. Styles kicks out. Jericho can’t believe it. Jericho teases going for the Styles Clash. Styles counters dropping Jericho down face first. Series of counters. Styles Clash connects on Jericho. Jericho power kicks out after two. Jericho blocks another running forearm with a kick to the face. Jericho counters a springboard by Styles in mid air into a Codebreaker. Jericho hooks the leg for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Backstage, Maria Menounos is with new WWE Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder. Ryder said he lived his dream tonight becoming the new champion.

WWE Tag Team Champions New Day are out next. A giant box of Booty O’s are on the stage. The box falls over and the New Day walk out wearing what looks to be Dragon Ball Z costumes. League of Nations is out next.

4 on 3 Handicap Match
The League of Nations vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day

We start with Sheamus and Kofi Kingston. Kingston with a jumping forearm that catches Sheamus. Tag to Big E who stomps away at Sheamus. Continuous tags between New Day with stomps to Sheamus. New Day celebrates after Kingston is launched by Big E into Sheamus. Xavier Woods plays his trombone. Tag to Rusev who stomps over Woods and drops a quick elbow. Tag to Alberto Del Rio who kicks Woods in the leg. Del Rio with a DDT to Woods. Del Rio chokes Woods on the mat. Woods with an elbow and forearm combo on Del Rio.

Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Woods. Del Rio with a kick to the head and tag back to Sheamus. Sheamus drops forearms over the chest of Woods chanting “NEW…DAY SUCKS.” Sheamus with a rolling senton on Woods and tags in Rusev. Woods tries to fight back in the corner. Rusev overwhelms him and tags back in Del Rio. Del Rio drops rights over Woods in the corner. Woods launches Del Rio over the top rope. Tag to Sheamus who knocks Big E off the ring apron. Rusev with a superkick to Big E on the outside as well. Inside the ring, Woods with a DDT on Sheamus. Tag to Kingston who connects with a dropkick and chest stomp on Sheamus. Chest stomp by Kingston on Rusev. Kingston with a Boom Drop over both Rusev and Sheamus. Rusev kicks Kingston in the head when Sheamus lifted him up over his head. Kingston with kicks to Sheamus in the corner. Big E is back in with the tag and launches Sheamus with a belly to belly. Big E dumps Rusev over the top rope and Rusev hangs on. Wade Barrett is near both. Big E hits the ropes and connects with a suicide dive taking out Rusev, Sheamus and Barrett. Kingston tosses Sheamus back in. Woods gets the tag and comes off the top rope with a huge chest stomp. Del Rio with a backstabber to Woods. Del Rio with his jumping stomp over the chest of Kingston. Woods with a shot to Del Rio. Woods drops a leg over Rusev who was just rolling back in. Barrett with a Bull Hammer to Woods. Sheamus follows with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus covers Woods and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winners: The League of Nations (Sheamus, Rusev, Alberto Del Rio & Wade Barrett)

After the match, Wade Barrett grabs a mic putting over how the lads have won again. Barrett introduces everyone and said no one can go up against them. Shawn Michaels’ music hits to interrupt Barrett. HBK walks out and has his wrestling gear on. Mick Foley is out next in his classic Cactus Jack gear. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is out next in a “Dallas 3:16” shirt and jeans. Austin, HBK and Foley head to the ring. The League of Nations backs off. A brawl breaks out. HBK has Del Rio, Foley has Sheamus and Austin goes after Rusev. Socko is in the house as Foley applies the mandible claw on Sheamus. Sweet Chin Music by HBK on Del Rio. Stunner on Rusev. New Day throws Barrett in. Barrett takes Sweet Chin Music, a mandible claw and Stunner. Austin tosses Barrett out. New Day gets inside the ring as the New Day music hits. New Day wants to dance. Foley starts to dance with them. HBK starts shaking his butt. Austin is laughing. Woods is trying to get Austin to dance. Austin snaps his fingers to the beat…and a stunner on Woods! Austin jumps up on the turnbuckle calling for some beers.

A video package runs hyping Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose tonight.

No Holds Barred Match
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Dean Ambrose

Before the match, Paul Heyman interrupts Eden and does the introduction for Brock Lesnar.

The bell rings and Brock Lesnar charges Dean Ambrose immediately. We get our first german suplex on the night. Lesnar with a second german on Ambrose. Lesnar with knees to Ambrose and a third german. Ambrose has a kendo stick and starts cracking it over the body of Lesnar on the outside. Back inside, Ambrose with more shots to Lesnar using the kendo stick. Lesnar with knees, fourth and fifth german on Ambrose as Dallas counts along. Lesnar grabs a second kendo stick and tosses Ambrose back inside. Lesnar breaks the stick over his knee. Lesnar with a sixth german suplex. Ambrose is trying to pull himself to his feet using the ropes. Lesnar with a snap suplex on Ambrose. Ambrose grabs the kendo stick. Lesnar cuts him off and stands on the stick. Lesnar with another german suplex on Ambrose as Ambrose tries to fight back. Ambrose slaps Lesnar and backs off to the corner. Ambrose with elbows and kicks to the body of Lesnar. Lesnar launches Ambrose back with another big german. Ambrose with a low blow on Lesnar! Ambrose grabs a kendo stick and starts cracking it over the back of Lesnar. Lesnar rolls out. Ambrose with a suicide dive through the ropes catching Lesnar. Ambrose pulls a chainsaw out from under the ring and tries to turn it on. Lesnar with a belly to belly suplex on Ambrose. Ambrose hits Lesnar over the head with a laptop at ringside. Ambrose grabs a steel chair and cracks it over Lesnar’s back. Inside the ring, Ambrose goes up top, Lesnar cuts him off and overhead suplexes him back down. Ambrose sets off a fire extinguisher in the face of Lesnar at ringside. Back inside, Ambrose cracks a chair over the back of Lesnar. Lesnar backs to the corner and Ambrose drives the chair into the ribs of Lesnar. Ambrose dropkicks the chair into the face of Lesnar in the corner. Ambrose with a flying elbow off the top rope using the steel chair over Lesnar! Ambrose gets a two count on a pinfall attempt. Ambrose starts throwing tons of steel chairs inside the ring. Lesnar with another german on Ambrose. Ambrose is able to clear all the chairs. Ambrose counters an F5 into Dirty Deeds over a chair! Ambrose hooks the leg and Lesnar barely kicks out. Heyman almost lost it at ringside. Ambrose pulls a barbed wire bat out from under the ring and starts to kiss it. Ambrose yells, “Batter up bitch!” Ambrose is in the ring, misses a shot with the bat and Lesnar hits a german suplex with Ambrose landing on the chairs. F5 by Lesnar over the chairs. Lesnar gets the win

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the match, Brock Lesnar grabs the fire extinguisher and sets it off over the ring at Dean Ambrose.Next up is a video package from last night’s Hall of Fame indication ceremony, followed by all of the inductees being introduced on stage.

The Godfather, Stan Hansen, the family of the Big Boss Man, Jacqueline, Joan Lunden, The Fabulous Freebirds, Snoop Dogg and Sting.

Video is shown from earlier tonight of Lita introducing the new WWE Women’s Championship. The new championship will be awarded to the winner of Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch tonight.

WWE Women’s Championship – Triple Threat Match
Charlotte (c) w/ Ric Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

Snoop Dogg did a rap introducing his cousin Sasha Banks. We got some major introductions for all three ladies. Michael Cole noted how Charlotte’s WWE Divas Championship will be officially retired after tonight.

Charlotte with shots to Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks early. Lynch and Banks double team Charlotte. Banks and Lynch with pinfall attempts early. Series of pinfall attempts between all three girls. Charlotte with a big boot on Lynch. Banks with a springboard huricanrana on Charlotte. Banks with a missed sunset flip and then into a pinfall on Lynch. Lynch with arm drags to Banks and keeps her grounded. Lynch with a knee to the face and reverse DDT on Charlotte. Charlotte drops Lynch off the mat. Banks with shoulder thrusts to Charlotte in the corner. Banks gets tossed over the top rope. Charlotte reverses an armbar attempt by Lynch. Lynch finally gets the armbar on. Flair distracts the referee a bit. Banks is back in to break it up. Charlotte has the Figure Four locked on Lynch. Banks off the top rope over Charlotte with a frog splash for a close two count. Banks with a knee to Charlotte and then a double knee stomp over Charlotte. Lynch breaks it up with a german suplex on Banks. Charlotte with a jawbreaker on Lynch. Lynch with a pumphandle into a modified Rock Bottom on Charlotte for a two count. Banks with double knees to Lynch in the corner. Banks with a suicide dive into a flip in mid air catching Charlotte on the outside! Lynch takes out Ric Flair at ringside. Banks tosses Charlotte back in the ring. Charlotte is going up top and catches both Banks and Lynch with a huge moonsault! Charlotte throws Banks and Lynch back inside. Charlotte with a double Natural Selection on both Banks and Lynch. Charlotte gets a two counts on both during pinfall attempts. Lynch takes out both Charlotte and Banks when Charlotte had Banks on her shoulders. Lynch has the armbar applied on Charlotte. Banks with the Bank Statement on Lynch. Lynch gets close to the ropes. Banks rolls Lynch over back into the Bank Statement. Charlotte gets the Figure Four on Banks. Banks is fighting back turning over. Figure Eight applied on Banks. Lynch pulls Banks out to break it up. Charlotte with chops to Banks and Lynch. Banks and Lynch double team Charlotte with right hands. Charlotte with a spear on Banks. Lynch pushes Charlotte to the corner. Lynch is knocked off the corner by Banks. Banks has Charlotte. Lynch knocks Banks down into the tree of woe. Lynch with a suplex on Charlotte off the top rope. Banks gets the Bank Statement on Lynch. Charlotte tosses Banks out of the ring. Charlotte gets the Figure Eight applied on Lynch. Flair is holding Banks back. Lynch taps out.

Winner and new WWE Women’s Champion: Charlotte

After the match, Charlotte holds up the new WWE Women’s Championship. She leaves the ring and holds up the title on the entrance ramp as we see an outside aerial shot of pyro going off around AT&T Stadium and in the entrance area.

Hell in a Cell Match
The Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon

Shane’s kids joined him during his entrance. Shane with a kick early to Undertaker. Shane with some quick jabs. Taker with a knee and right hand that drops Shane. Taker with big body shots to Shane in the corner. Taker knocks Shane to the outside, gets in a few shots and tosses Shane back in. Shane with jabs and Taker cuts him off with a knee. Taker with snake eyes to Shane in the corner. Shane out of no where with a flying elbow! Taker with more shots and kicks Shane out of the ring. Taker tosses Shane into the side of the cell on the outside. Taker grabs the top part of the steel steps and tosses them near the cell. Shane is back up and slides back inside the ring waiting on Taker. Shane with kicks to Taker. Taker drags Shane out and throws him into the side of the cell. Taker drops a leg over Shane on the ring apron. Back inside, Taker connects with the Last Ride on Shane. Taker covers and Shane gets a shoulder up! Taker is surprised. Taker grabs the steel steps and slides them inside the ring. Shane reaches up and pulls Taker down in a triangle! Shane has it locked in tight. Shane is confident as Taker gets his shoulders down for a pinfall attempt and Shane kicks out. Shane with knees to Taker. Taker with a chokeslam on Shane over the steel steps! Shane kicks out during a pinfall attempt. Taker tries to drop an elbow, Shane moves and Taker crashes over the steps. Shane taunts at Taker to come at him. When Taker moves forward, Shane jumps up and drops him with a DDT over the steel steps. Shane drops a quick elbow and Taker sits up after two. Shane with jabs. Taker grabs Shane and locks on Hell’s Gate. The referee is watching the shoulders of Taker. Shane counters and reverses getting a Sharpshooter applied! Taker powers out. Shane leaves the ring and grabs a trash can. Shane with kicks to the face of Taker in the corner. Shane puts the trash can over Taker, climbs up on the top rope and jumps post to post taking out Taker with a huge dropkick to the body into the trash can! Shane rolls Taker over, covers and Taker kicks out. Shane pulls bolt cutters from under the ring and starts cutting up parts of the cell on the outside. Taker with rights. Shane with jabs. Taker picks up Shane and drives him back first into the cell panel. The cell panel breaks as they crash over one of the announce tables at ringside. Taker slams Shane over the cell panel on the outside. Taker starts clearing away the main announce table including the monitors. Taker with a shot to Shane to keep him down. Taker hits Shane with a TV monitor from another announce table that he cleared off. Taker then slams the monitor over the body of Shane. Taker tosses Shane on top of a production box at ringside near the timekeepers area. Taker jumps up top with Shane, gets Shane ready for a Tombstone, Shane counters and gets a sleeper applied. Taker jumps taking Shane with him and they crash through the Spanish announce table! Shane grabs a toolbox at ringside and cracks it over the head of Taker! Shane hits Taker a second time with the toolbox, this time opening it up as tools go flying everywhere. Taker falls over the announce table. Shane looks up and then grabs a TV monitor Shane bounces it off the head of Taker. Shane starts climbing up the Hell in a Cell. Shane reaches the top and drapes over the side looking down at Taker. Shane stands up, jumps and crashes through the announce table coming off the top of the Hell in a Cell as Taker moves! Shane took the bump right on his back! Taker is just now getting back to his feet. Shane is begging for more as Taker puts him on his shoulders and rolls him back inside the ring. Taker taunts at Shane to get him. Shane tells Taker to bring it. Taker slaps the face of Shane, lifts him up on his shoulders and connects with the Tombstone Piledriver. Taker covers Shane and gets the pinfall.

Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, we see a medic cart going down the entrance ramp as referees attend to Shane McMahon. We see a shot of The Undertaker smiling as he heads up the ramp to the back. Shane is put on a stretcher by medical staff. Shane gives a thumbs up as he is taken to the back on a stretcher.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Surprise entrant is Diamond Dallas Page. Former NBA star Shaq is another surprise entrant and immediately got in the face of the Big Show during his entrance. Tatanka is also in the ring. Shaq and Big Show with a double chokeslam on Kane. Big brawl breaks out. Fandango is tossed out by Big Show. Damien Sandow is in to a big reaction and Shaq throws him out. Big Show and Shaq are tossed out when the rest of the crew jumps back in. Tossed out next (in order): Viktor, DDP, Konnor, Tatanka, Jack Swagger, R-Truth, Goldust, Curtis Axel, Adam Rose, Heath Slater, Tyler Breeze, Mark Henry, Darren Young, Bo Dallas and Kane (eliminated by Baron Corbin). Corbin pulls off a big surprise.

Winner of the 3rd Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Baron Corbin

A promo for WrestleMania 33 in Orlando on April 2, 2017 airs.

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders come out to dance inside AT&T Stadium.

The Rock’s music hits to a huge reaction in Dallas. WWE setup large letters spelling out “ROCK” and The Rock set it on fire with a flamethrower. Huge ovation for Rock inside AT&T Stadium. Rock gets inside the ring and grabs a mic. “Finally…The Rock…has come back to Dallas.” Rock talks about having a powerful entrance and turns his attention to the smiling faces in the crowd. He talks about the honor of getting to walk down that aisle and get in this ring. Rock says records are made to be broken. He reveals that tonight the audience has officially broken the WWE WrestleMania attendance record. 101,763 are in attendance tonight inside AT&T Stadium according to WWE. A huge display of pyro goes off in the entrance area as Rock looks on

The Rock said tells Dallas things are about to get good when The Wyatt Family interrupts. Bray Wyatt introduces himself to The Rock. “And these are my brothers.” Wyatt said he comes here tonight not as a friend or enemy, but as a reminder of the truth. “The truth is I chose you. You represent success. You represent greatness. You represent a lie.” Wyatt said this is not Rock’s moment and it isn’t the fans moment. “This, Mr. Rock, is my moment,” adds Wyatt. He plans to take out The Rock on the grandest stage of them all and make his fans watch every second of it. The Rock wants to get this straight. He tries to understand where Wyatt is coming from, joking about Wyatt’s voice. Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman try to go after Rock and Wyatt holds them back. Rock said it looks like Rowan’s parents were related and that Strowman was breast feed since he was 27 years old. He jokes that Wyatt calls himself the Eater of Worlds when he appears to be the Eater of Hot Pockets. Wyatt tells Rock that he has no idea who he is fooling with, friend. Rock said he has an idea and it goes like this. Rock takes his shirt off and said we won’t have a WrestleMania fight – we are going to have a WrestleMania match. Rock takes off his pants and he’s already in full wrestling gear. Wyatt tries to calm down Rowan and Strowman. Rowan steps up and gets in the face of The Rock.

The Rock vs. Erick Rowan

The referee calls for the bell. Rock Bottom. Rock gets the pinfall.

Winner: The Rock (in six seconds)

After the match, Braun Strowman jumps up and gets in The Rock’s face.

John Cena’s music hits. Cena runs down and hits the ring. Cena says to Rock, “I’m here. You’re here.” Rock and Cena take turns with shots on Strowman. Rock Bottom on Strowman. Cena plants Rowan with his twisting powerbomb. Five Knuckle Shuffle to Rowan. AA on Rowan. Cena avoids Sister Abigail. Rock plants Wyatt with a spinebuster. People’s Elbow on Wyatt.

Rock grabs a mic and tells Cena welcome back. Rock and Cena hug. Both head up the ramp. Cena raises the arm of Rock.

A video package runs focusing on Triple H vs. Roman Reigns tonight.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Triple H (c) w/ Stephanie McMahon vs. Roman Reigns

We got an epic Triple H entrance featuring Stephanie McMahon doing a Mad Max style introduction.

As expected, Roman Reigns gets a mixed reaction. His entrance featured pyro going off outside AT&T Stadium.

Triple H with a side headlock takedown early on Roman Reigns. Triple H slaps the head of Reigns. Reigns returns with a quick shoulder tackle. Triple H with a knee and tosses Reigns over the top rope. Crowd is overwhelmingly behind Triple H in Dallas. Reigns mocks Triple H with a crotch chop. Triple H pie faces Reigns. Lock up and Triple H forces Reigns to the corner. Reigns with a powerful right hand that drops Triple H to a knee. Triple H hits the ropes and connects with a shot to the back of Reigns’ neck. Triple H with another shot to the neck of Reigns dropping him. Reigns with right hands to Triple H. Reigns drops Triple H with a clothesline. Reigns with a jumping clothesline that connects. Reigns drops Triple H off the top rope. Reigns connects with his jumping boot to the head on Triple H from the outside. Reigns with repeated clotheslines to Triple H in the corner. Stephanie jumps up on the ring apron to distract the referee. Triple H with a low blow shot with the referee distracted. Triple H with two atomic drops on Reigns, cover and Reigns kicks out. Triple H throws rights to the bridge of Roman’s nose a few times. Triple H and Reigns exchange right hands. Triple H with a spinebuster on Reigns, cover and Reigns kicks out. Triple H tosses Reigns out of the ring. Triple H bounces Reigns off the one remaining announce table at ringside still standing. Triple H tosses Reigns over the announce table. Back inside the ring, Triple H rolls in as the referee starts the count. Triple H cuts off Reigns with a high knee when Reigns gets up on the ring apron at six. Triple H with a jumping knee that connects with Reigns. Triple H is back on the second rope and this time Reigns catches him with an uppercut on the way down. Reigns with a big clothesline to Triple H in the corner. Triple H gets a boot up stopping Reigns. Reigns with a samoan drop. Cover and Triple H kicks out after two. Reigns sets up for a Superman Punch and Triple H rolls out avoiding it. Reigns with a jumping clothesline off the steel steps catching Triple H on the outside. Triple H sends Reigns shoulder first into the steel steps at ringside. Reigns with a spear to Triple H on the outside sending both crashing through the ring barricade! Stephanie is yelling at the referee to start the count. Reigns drags Triple H to the ringside area and rolls in with Triple H just beating the count. Triple H counters a Superman Punch attempt and gets Reigns down working on his left shoulder. Triple H with a reverse armbar on Roman’s left arm. Triple H locks the left arm and goes to work on the right arm of Reigns now.

Triple H walks away from the German table, but Reigns charges after him and spears him straight through the barricade. Reigns drags Triple H back to the ring and rolls him into it. Reigns goes for the Superman Punch, but Triple H counters into an arm bar. Triple H transitions to a modified bow and arrow and then into another arm bar, but Reigns gets his feet under him and counters into a sit-out powerbomb. Triple H goes back to the arm bar, but Reigns again counters into a sit-out powerbomb. Triple H sets up for the Pedigree, but Reigns back body drops him to the outside. Reigns sets up for a dive to the outside, but Triple H catches him with a mid-air punch. Reigns spears Triple H, but Stephanie pulls the referee out of the ring to prevent the three count. Stephanie and the referee both head into the ring, and Stephanie gets right in the referee’s face. Triple H joins Stephanie in berating the referee, but Reigns sets his sights on Triple H. Reigns goes for the spear, but Triple H slides out of the way, and Reigns inadvertently spears Stephanie. Triple H is livid. Triple H hits the Pedigree but only gets a two count. Reigns finally hits the Superman Punch and sets up for the spear, but Triple H counters with a running knee for a two count. Stephanie hands Sledgie to Triple H, but Reigns again connects with the Superman Punch. Reigns hits a third Superman Punch and the spear for the three count.

Match Result: Roman Reigns defeats Triple H with the spear.
Match Length: 27:04
Slimmer’s Rating: **¾

The show ends with pyro shooting off inside and outside the arena. Roman Reigns poses with the WWE title.

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