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NewsWWEDamian Priest Says Dominik Mysterio Is Underrated, Maven Talks ‘Shattered Dreams’

Damian Priest Says Dominik Mysterio Is Underrated, Maven Talks ‘Shattered Dreams’



During a recent appearance on the “Superstar Crossover” podcast, Damian Priest commented on his belief that Dominik Mysterio is underrated, and how people don’t see how good he is because they constantly boo him. He said,

“That’s rough. It’s hard to say ‘underrated’ when everybody’s a Superstar. You know what I mean? Like you’re in WWE because you’re part of the best. That’s how that works. I’m gonna keep it easy and biased. I’ll go with my own crew. I think Dominik is underrated. I think Dominik, people see him as the guy that’s fun to boo him. Then, he gets in the ring, and I think they’re like, ‘What, where does that come from?’ It’s like, no, he’s good. He’s really good. I think people forget that because they just know the guy that gets booed because it’s fun to boo him. You forget that he can go in the ring and he’s very talented. His improvement since he joined the Judgement Day, I mean, if you look at Dominik a week before he joined the Judgment Day, and you look at him now, it’s a completely different person. I think people forget about that part, too.“

In his most recent YouTube video, Maven commented on taking the ‘Shattered Dreams’ move from Dustin “Goldust” Runnels, which is of course a kick to the groin, and how he was prepared to take it. He said,

“I can tell you, I remember the very first time I had to take the Shattered Dreams I can remember gold dust or Dustin prepping me during the day exactly what to do and how to take this move. You’re, in essence, sitting on the turnbuckle and when he comes in, rares back, and delivers the kick, the sheer viciousness of this move is actually in Dustin’s approach, it’s in how he sets you up. It’s in how you look helpless sitting there, like you’re just filleted wide open just waiting to be kicked in the family jewels, but once Dustin delivers the kick he actually kicks by the bottom of the turnbuckle. I’m not gonna say you don’t feel anything, you do. You feel something but nothing, and I mean nothing, compared to if he were to kick you that hard without hitting the turnbuckle first. More than anything, you’re feeling the vibration of it. Of course, he’s a professional, he knows exactly how to administer a kick to the marbles without separating the marbles.”

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