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Scott Steiner Talks Bron Breakker Using His Moves, Julius On The Creed Brothers’ Bond



In a recent interview with TV Insider, Julius Creed of The Creed Brothers revealed how he and Brutus had a tough talk about what they needed to do to improve.

Julius said, “Exhausting. I’m worn out by both of them. They give me gray hair, and I don’t have too much hair. Seriously, it’s rewarding. The greatest moments in life are when you can share them with someone you love, and the people you’ve had to go through hard times with. There have been ups and downs. Ivy and I are pretty mellow. Brutus is all over the place. He creates some chaos. It’s an interesting dynamic. I sent him a text last Monday night after we had a debriefing in the car about what we had to improve on. It was a tough love conversation. We need to raise our game and lick our wounds after a tough talk. At the same time, we say we love each other. There is nobody else I would want to do this with. One is blood family and the other has become family.”

In a recent interview with “Monopoly Events,” WWE Hall of Famer Scott Steiner weighed in on Bron Breakker using the Steiner Brothers’ moves in WWE without their name.

Steiner said, I’m not going to say anything as long as he keeps on doing what he does. I give him sh*t all the time that he’s stealing all our sh*t, he does my Frankensteiner, does our suplexes, but he has his own specific way of doing everything so it’s definitely different. I take it as a compliment from him, I talk to him almost every week we are still a tight-knit family. I think it’s great, and I think he wants to be a Steiner but there’s certain things there’s no reason trying to change. So if that’s how they want to push him, so be it. It’s not a fight worth fighting.”

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