Xavier Woods Comments On His Gaming Feud With Kenny Omega, Bringing The Feud To Television


WWE Superstar Xavier Woods was a guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast and discussed his video game feud with Kenny Omega and the possibility of bringing it out of YouTube and onto TV.

His gaming feud with Kenny Omega:

“He’s been on UpUpDownDown, him and the Bucks. So we had a Street Fighter deal at E3 one year. So again, this — using video games as the conduit, we were able to do something that no one would have ever imagined we would be able to do. And I was able to put a wrestling spin on it, with us doing a contract signing, and cutting promos on each other. And it was fine, you knw? We got to butt heads. And so video games are definitely the conduit for that, and I know Kenny is a huge gamer as well, like we see each other at conventions … it was just nice to be able to find someone that is obsessed with video games and wrestling as much as I am.

“So that rivalry still definitely going strong. I’m pretty sure it will never die until he just concedes and gives up, because I am better than him as most games. I’d give myself, 90% of games I could beat him in…he’ll talk a big game. But once it comes time, nah. ‘You just don’t have the chops kid’ you know?.”

Bringing the feud with Omega to television:

“I mean, that’s definitely the goal. The goal always is to destroy boundaries, and you know, do things that like shouldn’t be doing to the point where people people could enjoy that. Because it’s something that the fans, I think, would get a lot out of. And I think that we as performers would get a lot out of that too, because we get to branch out into doing new and different things. And so that’s kind of always the goal. Is it a possibility? I think everything’s a possibility. Everything is possible. Given the right circumstances, anything can happen. So [it’s] something that I definitely work towards, so we’ll see.”

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