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NewsZema Ion Reacts To TNA Sale Rumors, Future, & More

Zema Ion Reacts To TNA Sale Rumors, Future, & More



Shawn Quinn of Quinn’s AM Army recently interviewed former TNA X-Division champion Zema Ion. Ion talked about his time in TNA and his serious health conditions. Below are some highlights:

Ion on his time away from TNA and the company not helping with his medical bills: “I never expected TNA to cover my bills. I was overwhelmed by the amount of money these bills cost. I knew it was a situation totally unrelated to wrestling. The fans’ support was really heartwarming to me. The internet kind of made it into its own thing.”

On returning to the indy wrestling scene: “It is always a pleasure to come back and wrestle in independent wrestling shows. I love that I’m getting to do it without any restrictions.”

His thoughts on the rumors of TNA being put up for sale: “I haven’t communicated with anyone in TNA so I do not know to what degree to where is truth to those rumors.”

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