AEW Dynamite coverage

AEW Dynamite March 18, 2020 Full Results & Report


AEW prepares for Blood & Guts!

The world is in crisis, but Dynamite pushes forward! AEW still awaits the arrival of the Exalted One while Blood & Guts advantage is on the line!

If you can see this text, then this is STOLEN CONTENT!


  • The Lucha Brothers VS Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy; The Lucha Brothers win.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Hikaru Shida VS Riho VS Kris Statlander VS Penelope Ford; Shida wins.
  • Jurassic Express VS The Butcher & The Blade; Jurassic Express wins.
  • Blood & Guts Advantage Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle VS The Elite; The Inner Circle wins advantage in Blood & Guts.


AEW opens with Cody in the ring.


“I have never thought of my world as small before.” But recent world events put things in perspective. It has also clarified for Cody how important the service they provide is. Cody sees the irony in what he asks. Cody is about to ask some of the best athletes in the world to discard their petty differences and stand together. This is March 18, 2020, we as human beings need to stand together. For many, that means at a distance. No crowd is assembled at Daily’s Place as Cody says “We have to be informed. We have to be held responsible by health and science. But there is a profound difference in that versus living in a prison of fear.” Cody refuses to live in fear, because that is not living. Hopefully everyone watching this around the world feels the same way.

Cody now addresses Matt Jackson because he knows Matt is watching. Second to Tony Khan, Matt is probably the one most responsible for AEW existing. With brother Nick, Matt is a tag team specialist and a master of the craft. But that doesn’t mean anything is owed to Matt. If anything, that means Matt must work even harder. Matt’s anger towards Hangman Page is misplaced. Cody doesn’t need that and Matt doesn’t want that. Matt is the older brother, and he needs to carry Nick’s heart into this match so that they can win Blood & Guts. And speaking of Hangman, Cody says he is tired of singing Hangman’s well-deserved praises, such as his junior heavyweight agility and full heavyweight strength.

Cody admits he picked Hangman for first AEW World Champion, and yet was wrong. Chris Jericho was first, and Jericho even beat Cody. But Cody wants Hangman to get over himself. Hangman doesn’t want to be “that one guy in the Elite” anymore? Then don’t! Be the difference maker in The Elite! Be the reason The Elite wins Blood & Guts! But then lastly, the most unique friendship in wrestling, Kenny Omega. Cleaner and American Nightmare haven’t always gotten along, but that’s fine. They could argue who is 1A and 1B until they’re blue in the face and they both end up second place to someone else. They don’t want to be bridesmaids to another but that’s fine! This isn’t a wedding! This is blood, guts and violence! It will take years off of careers, and the Elite needs them both.

But Cody needs the real Omega. Cody needs the man who stood in front of 499 others and declared HE is the best! We need the Best Bout Machine! “In short, I need The Elite to be elite.” Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega walk out to the ring now and join Cody between the ropes. Omega takes the mic to say that normally it’s about speaking to an arena full of people, but now it’s just friends talking to friends. Omega also admits he and Cody haven’t always seen eye to eye. There were times they were at each other’s throats. Yet here we are. The world is falling apart, everything they built could fall apart at a moment’s notice. Will Dynamite even be allowed to run next week?

But if it’s up to Omega, Omega wants to go out the way they came in: as The Elite. Matt takes the mic and says he loves the call to action. And he agrees with Omega, too. But look at the ring. It’s just the three of them. We saw what The Inner Circle did to Nick, he isn’t even cleared to fly! Nick and therefore The Young Bucks as a duo are out indefinitely. And again, it’s just the three of them. Where is Hangman? A good question, even for Omega, his tag team partner.

But the other half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions finally appears. Matt admits things have been “strange” between them all. No one is saying this can be fixed in one night or even in a few weeks. But Matt asks as one man to another, and the team is asking him: Will Hangman stand with The Elite? Hangman sips his beer, then gives a raise of the glass and a nod. They’ll take that as a yes as Hangman heads to the back.

Omega takes the mic back, admits he’s used to speaking to crowds but knows he’s speaking directly to the people watching at home. “It’s hard to feel your energy, but we know you’re out there.” AEW wants the very best for everyone, because all they can give is their best. The world goes on, everyone needs positivity right now, so all AEW can do is give the best they can give right here and now. “So goddammit, hit the lights, hit the pyro, and let’s start DYNAMITE!”

MJF made it to AEW Dynamite.

Tony Schiavone asks what he’s here for. Wow, what a hard hitting question! But MJF says it is because he doesn’t have to. MJF saw the winner’s purse for tonight’s special episode, but it’s not enough for him. MJF is resting his undefeated body to let the “under card talent” get their TV time. He’ll be an audience of one while making real money. Right, Spears? Wait, Shawn Spears is here? And are they gambling on the matches? What did you say, Tony? You better watch your mouth! Does Tony realize the weight of the accusation he just made?! HOW DARE YOU!! But also, does he want in or what? Tony cues Brandi Rhodes as ring announcer before possibly asking about the odds.

The Lucha Brothers VS Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy!

The Death Triangle is incomplete without The Bastard, but it can’t be helped given global circumstances. Will Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix still hold their own against Trent and Chuckie T 2v2?

To keep things fair and square, Cassidy goes to commentary to sit with Excalibur, Tazz and good ol’ JR. Y’know, whatever. The teams sort out and MJF shouts in support of Fenix and Pentagon. He’s got “mucho dinero” riding on this one. Fenix eggs Trent on and that is the two we start with. Trent and Fenix circle and tie up. They go around as MJF chants obnoxiously loud, and Trent puts Fenix in the corner. The ref counts and Trent backs off. Fenix and Trent circle and tie up again. They go around and Fenix puts Trent in the corner. The ref has Fenix give a break, but then Fenix tries a mule kick. Trent blocks and CHOPS! Fenix CHOPS back!

Trent and Fenix start throwing big forearms! Fenix back kicks, front kicks and ROCKS Trent with a right. The brothers shout “CERO MIEDO!” and Fenix goes after Trent with uppercuts. Fenix CHOPS then speeds things up. Trent dodges to hit a point-blank Meteora! Trent drags Fenix up to snapmare then KICK him in the back! Tag to Chuck Taylor and Best Friends double whip. They double shoulder Fenix down then double gun at Pentagon. Chuckie T drags Fenix up and MJF mocks Chuckie’s physique. It seems MJF, Shawn Spears and company are joined by Jake the Snake and his client, Lance “Murderhawk” Archer.

Back in the ring, Chuckie hits a big back suplex then covers, TWO! Chuckie clubs Fenix down and tags in Trent. Cassidy is either very relaxed or napping on commentary now. Best Friends double suplex Fenix up and hold him up, and then bring him down hard! Cover, TWO! Trent keeps his cool as Colt Cabana, Sonny Kiss and others are cheering on the other side. Trent brings Fenix up to whip and run over with a back elbow! Fenix flounders but Trent keeps on him with stomps. Tag to Chuckie T and he drags Fenix up. Chuckie whips Fenix to dropkick Fenix down hard! Cover, TWO!! Chuckie drags Fenix away from Pentagon and back to tag Trent.

Trent climbs up and Chuckie holds Fenix in place for the falling double ax handles. Trent brings Fenix up but Fenix fights back with body shots, a stomp, an eye poke and a CHOP! Fenix CHOPS and CHOPS and Question Mark kicks Trent down! He clubs and whips Trent but Trent reverses. Pentagon tags in, Fenix dodges Trent to hit Chuckie, and Pentagon SUPERKICKS Trent! Fenix mule kicks Trent, then “Uno! Dos! Tres!” DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Pentagon covers, TWO! Pentagon argues with the ref but the count is the count. MJF is on the Cero Miedo bandwagon as Pentagon KICKS Trent’s leg! Pentagon stalks Trent to ropes to KICK him down!

Pentagon drags Trent up while MJF and Spears share a bottle of wine. The ref reprimands Fenix as he gets a cheap shot in, but Pentagon snapmares Trent, to BITE his ear! The ref reprimand again but MJF points out the five count. Pentagon tags Fenix and the brothers mug Trent. They double whip and hit a body shot, kick and leg sweep! The Lucha Brothers combine for a wheelbarrow spinning splash! Fenix dropkicks Chuckie down HARD! Orange Cassidy perks up and stares down at Fenix, but Trent slips out to clobber Pentagon in the distraction! But Fenix FLIES out onto Trent! Chuckie comes around to LARIAT Fenix! All four men are down in front of Cabana, SCU and Joey Janela while AEW goes picture in picture.

Pentagon gets up but Chuckie attacks him at the railing. Chuckie punches and CHOPS Pentagon then throws him into railing around the way. The ref reprimands him but Chuckie just waves to the cameras. Best Friends mug Pentagon but Fenix comes over to attack. Chuckie hits back and then throws Fenix into a post. Chuck throws Fenix into the apron while Trent clobbers Pentagon. Chuckie bites Fenix’s mask as strange payback for Pentagon biting Trent. But speaking of, Pentagon reverses a whip to send Trent HARD into railing, moving it into the front row! It’s actually very fortunate there are no fans here tonight.

Chuckie T finally puts Fenix in but he realizes what happened to Trent. Cabana wants to check on Trent but Pentagon scares him off. Pentagon throws Trent into a post while Fenix fights Chuckie T back. Fenix throws Chuckie T out, keeps the count fresh, then ROUNDHOUSES Chuckie down! Fenix taunts SCU as he clubs Chuckie down. Pentagon puts Trent in the ring and Fenix joins him. Fenix wraps Trent up in a chinlock but Trent endures. Cabana and friends rally up for Trent but Fenix traps his arms with his legs, then cranks Trent’s foot in a toehold. Trent refuses to quit so Fenix JUMPS for a BIG leg drop! Cover, TWO!

AEW returns to single picture as Trent and Fenix CHOP each other. Fenix kicks Trent’s leg then tags in Pentagon. Pentagon school boys and SUPERKICKS Trent down! Cover, TWO! Pentagon still argues the count but Cassidy went back to taking a nap. Trent throws body shots and forearms on Pentagon, but Pentagon KICKS Trent in the leg! Pentagon dares Trent to hit back and Trent throws another big forearm. Pentagon KICKS Trent’s leg again, then fish hooks him at the ropes. The ref reprimands but Pentagon whips Trent away. Trent blocks the pump handle to arm-drag Pentagon away. Pentagon runs in but only gets buckles, and then Trent’s TORNADO DDT!

Both men crawl as the other wrestlers rally up. Hot tags to Chuckie and Fenix! The Kentucky Gentleman rallies with lariats, then catches Fenix’s leap into a BACKBREAKER! Pentagon gets in and KICKS Chuck’s leg. Pentagon whips but Chuckie comes back with a KNEE! Chuckie scoops Fenix for the LONG DART CUTTER! Best Friends go corner to corner and want to hug, but given current circumstances, keep it to elbow bumps. Pentagon and Fenix DOUBLE SUPERKICK the Best Friends! Pentagon goes out to fetch Chuckie and brings him to the concrete! But Cassidy gets off commentary to “hurry” over! Fenix and Pentagon see him coming, and dare him to do something. Chuckie shoves them both off the stage!

Trent brings Fenix and Pentagon up and lines them up, for Cassidy’s NO HANDS SENTON! Trent puts Pentagon back in and Chuckie gives him AWFUL WAFFLE!! Cover, TWO!! Pentagon still lives but Chuckie tags in Trent. Best Friends bring Pentagon up and around, but Fenix SUPERKICKS Trent into a DESTROYER! Fenix keeps Chuck stuck up top while Pentagon has the cover, TWO!! Trent survives so Fenix head sup top to club Chuckie. Chuckie clubs back and the ref is busy with them, so Pentagon LOW BLOWS Trent! Pentagon enziguris Chuckie then sets Trent up! DOUBLE STOMP PACKAGE DRIVER! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

MJF wins, too! Big money from Spears, that is. But with this huge win, will Lucha Brothers get back in the AEW World Tag title scene?

Tony Schiavone interviews Best Friends on stage.

Chuck and Trent join The Sloth, and says Death Triangle is making a big impact in AEW already. Chuckie says they’re “a bunch of chumps.” They wanna kick Trent in the dick while the ref’s back is turned? Maybe next time there doesn’t need to be a ref, or even a ring! How about a Street Fight?! Like, in the actual street! Or no, a parking lot! A Parking Lot Brawl for next week’s Blood & Guts Dynamite!! Will the Death Triangle have the balls to accept that challenge?

Fatal 4 Way: Hikaru Shida VS Riho VS Kris Statlander VS Penelope Ford!

The Superbad Girl joins the contender conversation with the Stardom Samurai, the Wrestling Idol and the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien because she got a Superbad upset victory over Riho on AEW Dark! Will she shock the world again when she beats three of the best all at once? Or will another woman earn a second shot at the Native Beast?

AEW goes picture in picture while the entrances are made. It’s hard to tell who MJF and Spears are putting their money on this way, but they’ll be audible again soon enough. AEW returns to single picture with the bell, and Penelope goes right at Riho! It seems nothing is settled between these two, and both Shida and Kris give them room. Penelope rakes Riho’s eyes! And then throws her out of the ring! So now she’s alone with Shida and Kris, and they both kick Penelope low! Shida and Kris double suplex but Penelope fights out to fight back! Penelope throws forearms but Shida blocks and Kris ROCKS Penelope with a right! Kris and Shida both run but Kip trips them both! The ref sees the Superbad Boy drag them both out, but MJF defends Kip’s innocence.

Kris ROCKS Kip then Shida DECKS him! MJF is mad at the ref for that one, but Penelope gets on the apron. Penelope LEAPS but both Kris and Shida get clear. They double kick Penelope again, then bring her over. But Riho’s up top and LEAPS onto them all! All four women are down and it sounds like Spears’s money is on Riho. Riho gets up and puts Penelope in the ring. Kip saves his Superbad Girl but Riho is attacked by Kris and Shida. Shida and Kris double whip but Riho handsprings through the double clothesline! Riho dropkicks Shida down then dodges Kris to tilt-o-whirl. But Kris blocks that for a BACKBREAKER! MJF says Kris still sucks.

Kris dead lifts Riho and puts her in the middle rope. Shida comes over and Kris wants to be her weapon. Shida suplexes Kris into Riho! But then Shida rolls up Kris, TWO! Shida drags Riho up top but Kris goes after Shida! Kris has Shdia up but Shida fights out of the bomb. Shida waistlocks, Kris bucks her off, and Kris elbows Shida away. Kris runs but Shida dodges to eye poke! And inside cradle, TWO! Kris LARIATS Shdia down! Shida bails out but Penelope FLIES back in, with a Superbad and super sloppy huricanrana. Kris still tumbles away but Riho leaps to give Kris a huricanrana! And then Shida missile dropkicks Kris out!

Shida goes after Riho but Riho blocks the suplex. Penelope joins in but Shida fights her off. Shida has both women for a double! But Penelope and Riho fight it off to double suplex Shida instead! Riho and Penelope glare at each other, and start pushing. The forearms start flying and Riho gets an edge! Riho runs and dropkicks Kip! SCU laughs at Kip but Penelope attacks Riho. Penelope puts Riho in the corner then handsprings in, for a big back elbow! Penelope fireman’s carries Rho but Riho fights it off! Riho sunset flips but Kip helps Penelope stay up! The ref gets Kip to let go and Penelope jumps, but Riho gets clear of the knee drop! Riho runs to use Penelope as a step stool, POETRY IN MOTION for Kip!

Riho goes back after Penelope with the full nelson. Penelope resists and fights free. Shida returns but Penelope moves, Shida KNEES Riho! Penelope BOOTS Shida but covers Riho, only for Kris to break the pin! Shida enziguris Kris then runs, into a ROUNDHOUSE! Kris has Shida up, GOURD BUSTER! Riho wheelbarrows but Kris blocks to an Electric Chair! Kris SLAMS Riho down onto Shida! Penelope throws body shots on Kris and runs, springboards back and POISON-RANAS Kris!! Everyone loses their minds over that, but Shida reels Penelope in. Penelope fights free, handsprings but into a dropkick! Shida drags Penelope up, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Shida runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, Shida wins!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The #1 contender is STILL the #1 contender! Will the Samurai of Stardom have that rematch with Nyla Rose in the near future?

Tony Schiavone interviews Colt Cabana at ringside.

Like a lot of the other AEW talent here tonight, Cabana is watching all the action. Cabana is already 2-0 and is “scouting” the competition. Cabana has great seats, too. That was a great women’s match and the AEW Women’s Division is awesome. Penelope Ford may have lost but she was great. She’d be much better if she didn’t have her scheming boyfriend nearby. Kip hears this and takes offense. Kip asks Cabana if he wants to go. They start shoving, and Cabana SLAPS Kip! Kip is aghast as he storms off with Penelope. Will Boom Boom be 3-0 after taking on the Superbad Boy?

AEW shares Tony Schiavone’s interview with Jon Moxley.

Earlier today, as the AEW World Champion was heading for his Ford GT, Tony asks about Moxley not being medically cleared given what the Inner Circle did to him. Moxley says being on the “Do Not Enter List” is stupid. He goes where he wants to go, when he wants to. What does “medically cleared” even mean to a guy who has never been cleared? But Moxley is going to keep himself out of trouble and go for a ride to blow off some steam. But Moxley also promises that wherever the Inner Circle goes, Moxley will be there waiting. He will be in their blind spot. When Blood & Guts happens, Moxley won’t miss the party. “Not for the world.”

Jurassic Express VS The Butcher & The Blade!

Similar to Death Triangle being without PAC, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are without Marko Stunt but MJF’s mercenaries are without Allie Bunny. But that just means it’ll be a fair 2v2. Will JB and Saurus be able to make big moves against the sadistic Braxton Sutter and Andy Williams? Especially with MJF giving them big money motivations tonight…

The teams sort out and Jungle Boy Jack Perry starts against The Blade. Blade and JB tie up and Blade pulls hair. He puts JB in the corner but lets up to stomp! MJF mocks JB as “looks like Tarzan but wrestles like Jane!” The ref reprimands Blade but he CHOPS JB! Blade whips JB but JB reverses to arm-drag and roll over to a ghost pin! TWO, and JB handsprings up. JB headlock but Blade powers out. Things speed up and JB springboards to arm-drag Blade away! JB dodges and ducks but gets the kitchen sink knee! Blade seethes as he stalks JB. Blade drags JB up and reels him in but jB fights with body shots. JB rolls Blade up and powers him tot he corner. Saurus tags in and CHOPS Blade!

Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy give kick after kick to Blade, then combine with a wheelbarrow for JB to hit a swinging complete shot! Saurus covers, TWO! Luchasaurus brings Blade up to wrench but Blade throws forearms. Saurus knees back and puts Blade in the corner. JB tags in and whips Blade to Saurus’s BOOT! JB adds the imploding senton but Blade bails out. Blade, Butcher and bank roller regroup while JB builds speed, but he sees they’re all gathered together. So JB slingshots out! The mercs catch the plancha to SWING JB into railing! Someone’s beer spills and MJF rubs it in. Saurus hurries over to reinforce JB but the ref tells everyone to get this back in the ring.

Blade drags JB up and brings him away for both him and Butcher to snake eyes on the apron! Blade puts JB back in and wrenches. Butcher tags in and they double headbutt JB down. Butcher stomps a mudhole in but the ref counts. The mercenary backs off to stand JB up for a CHOP! Butcher goes after JB at the ropes and CHOPS again! He won’t let up as he bumps JB off buckles. MJF mocks JB’s pain while Butcher scrapes JB’s face on rope! The ref reprimands but Blade tags in. JB starts giving CHOPS back, but Butcher’s CHOP knocks him over. Blade drags JB up to whip and lariat him down! Cover, TWO! Blade brings JB up to tag Butcher in, for a leg drop sidewalk slam! AEW goes picture in picture as Butcher covers, TWO!

Butcher keeps on JB with a whip into the open corner and hard! He drags JB up but JB fights back with body shots. Butcher knees JB down then whips him into the corner. Tag to Blade and the mercs mug JB with CHOPS! Blade snapmares JB to then clamp on a chinlock. He digs his knee into JB but JB endures. JB fights his way up and out, then runs to sunset flip! Cover, TWO! Blade LARIATS JB down! Tag to Butcher and the mercs drag JB up to double whip again. They double shoulder JB down then Butcher drops a big knee! Butcher goes after JB’s legs with stomps, then drags JB up to CHOP again! JB throws haymakers back, then fires up with chops and kicks and punches! Butcher headbutts JB down and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns as Blade has JB in the corner. Blade rakes JB’s eyes then stomps a mudhole in. He snapmares as Joey Janela does the Tarzan yell, not that JB has ever done one of his own. Blade pulls JB around by his hair and clubs him down. Blade whips JB and tilt-o-whirls to a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Blade looms over JB and drags him up for a back suplex. JB lands on his feet to wheelbarrow but Blade shoves him away. JB comes back with a LARIAT! Both men are down and the other wrestlers rally! JB crawls but Blade elbow drops him back down! Blade drags JB away and throws him out. Butcher goes after JB and RAMS him into the apron!

Butcher puts JB in the ring for Blade to cover, TWO! Blade grows annoyed and drags him up to whip into the corner. JB elbows Blade away then fights Butcher off. JB hops up but Butcher anchors JB’s leg. Blade runs over but JB keeps fighting them off! JB sends Blade down then boots Butcher, before leaping over Blade to tag in Lucahasaurus! MJF freaks out as Saurus LARIATS Blade and BOOTS Butcher! Luchasaurus kicks and kicks and KICKS Blade down! Then DINO-SAULTS Butcher down! Luchasaurus aims at Blade before he somersault SPIKE-RANAS Blade! And into a SPINNING BUZZSAW! Saurus roars as he fireman’s carries Blade, “YOU! ARE! EXTINCT!” DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Cover, but Butcher breaks it!

JB returns and rocks Butcher with forearms! Butcher shoves, pops JB WAY up, but JB gets Blade for a sunset flip into ropes! Both JB and Blade tumble out hard, and now Luchasaurus meets Butcherzilla! They throw forearms back and forth, and at the same time! Butcher ROCKS and CHOPS Saurus then clubs away over and over. The ref reprimands, he’s not even the legal man! Butcher runs, Saurus follows, and Saurus hits a T-REX CALF KICK! Saurus dares Butcher to stand, and he choke grips. Blade attacks and now the mercs have the advantage. Blade BOOTS, Butcher corner clotheslines, and Blade CHOPS Saurus in the corner. Butcher lifts Luchasaurus and Blade helps hold him up, SWINGING SLAM! Cover, but JB breaks it!

JB runs at Butcher but gets caught for a backbreaker! MJF shouts at his henchmen, “Full Death!” But Luchasaurs HEADBUTTS Blade down! Butcher suplexes but Saurus catches JB to then TAIL WHIP Butcher! Jungle Boy uses Saurus to launch for a BIG shotgun dropkick! Butcher tumbles out and Jurassic Express has Blade! Scoop and gut wrench, pop up for the CUTTER! JB then DIVES out onto Butcher! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

Another big win for a boy and his dinosaur! Will Jurassic Express hop on the fast track to the AEW World Tag Team Championships?

AEW is picture in picture while Tully Blanchard helps Spears count his winnings.

The Chair Man is feeling pretty good that MJF’s mercenaries lost big time. Jake the Snake has a curious look of contemplation on his face. Is he assessing future targets for the Murderhawk?

The Dark Order is here!

Christopher Daniels and Evil Uno are yet to have their 1v1 match but we’ve been waiting for weeks on the promise of The Exalted One! Uno and Stu Grayson walk out to the ring, a mic in Uno’s hand. “Now I hope that the AEW production team is as smart as I believe they are, and they focus on my eyes so that I may talk directly to my people.” To all the members of The Dark Order around the world, The Exalted One is nigh! And when he arrives, he shall breathe new life into the Dark Order. Brothers Stu, Alex Reynolds and John Silver have all done Uno’s bidding to prepare for this “wonderful night.” All eyes shall open and see what Uno already sees. Uno has promised the arrival of the Exalted One, and he never lies, because Uno cares about us.

Together, the Dark Order shall be one! “We Are One!” The Exalted One is near! He’s near! He, is- Daniels interrupts! He and Frankie Kazarian go to ringside to tell Uno to “Please, in the name of all that is holy,” stop running your mouths! They’re going on three months straight! Uno goes on and on with these lies! Daniels is sick of it! Daniels says Uno promised to make everyone’s lives better. Uno didn’t make Reynolds’s life better! Uno didn’t make John Silver’s life better! The Dark Order hasn’t made the lives “of any of these jackasses who were your masks” any better! All the Dark Order does is waste time, “and we’re sick of it!” Because the biggest lie of all is the Exalted One’s existence! It’s just Uno and Grayson!

But wait! What is this music? “I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am The Exalted One of the Dark Order. In a very short time, you will be up to speed as to who I am.” But first, the new rule of the Dark Order goes like this: “We do what we want, when we want.” If the Exalted One wants something, he takes it. To put it a way the stupid ones can understand, “If we come and knock on your door, you open that door and you let the Dark Order in.” Because if you don’t, the Exalted One will kick the door down to lead his people through it. If you still don’t get that, the Exalted One will show his face. It’s Luke Harp- er, uh, Brodie Lee!!

To make it more personal, “Mr. Christopher Daniels,” you thought you were safe. But the word is out! Everyone is NOT safe! All of Daniels’ jokes, all his games, did he think he’d get away with it? Lee tells Daniels that he is not the first “out of touch old man” who didn’t believe in him. But Lee makes sure Daniels is the last. So Lee formally introduces himself to us. He is Brodie Lee, The Exalted One. And then he’s IN THE RING!? And BOOTS Daniels down! Uno and Grayson attack Kaz while Lee looms over Daniels. He brings Daniels up in a familiar hold, but it’s not Sister Abigail or Blade Runner, it’s to feed the DISCUS LARIAT! The Dark Order stands tall and is even stronger! “WE ARE ONE!” But will AEW soon belong in entirety to the Dark Order?

Tony Schiavone interviews Jake the Snake and Lance Archer ringside.

The Murderhawk is now part of AEW, but what is his purpose here? The Snake says Archer isn’t here to talk. Cody Rhodes was given his due when Jake Roberts threw the gauntlet down. But what have they gotten in return? NOTHING! Does Cody realize he should pay attention to a Hall of Famer when he’s talking? They’re not playing games, Cody. Jake told him what they want. It is one thing to avoid them and stay out of harm’s way. But to ignore them is like spitting in their faces! They will not stand for that. Jake heard The Elite “bitching” like a bunch of girls worried about who’s taking them to the prom. “LOOK AT US!” Shut Jake up if you can, but you won’t.

So Cody, it’s time to stand up and be a man. Jake and Archer are here for a reason. It wasn’t going to be something that turns personal. But it will, and it has. Cody had his chance to meet them straight on. Now, they will get his attention. Will Cody be able to focus on The Inner Circle knowing #EverybodyDies?

AEW takes a closer look at Lance Archer.

A “public workout” in a ring int he middle of the woods has a few dozen rednecks (for lack of a better term) all riled up. A ring card girl in Daisy Dukes and flip-flops signals the start of the next round. The ring leader welcomes them all to the “Murderhawk Mansion” as Archer and Jake head to the ring. Who among the men ringside is man enough to challenge Archer? Who is ready to #TryOrDie? Archer storms his way into the ring and welcomes his first challenger. The man who barely comes up to Archer’s armpits throws a forearm, to get DECKED! Archer CHOPS the man down then Choke Slams him OUT of the ring and onto more challengers!

Another man steps up, only to get a BOOT! And a CHOP! And the BLACK OUT BOMB! Archer shouts “Everybody dies!” as he uses the EBD Claw to smother the man into the mat! The ring card girl signals round 4, as a meaty man with a mullet throws forearms on Archer. Archer just eggs him on, before he POUNCES the man out of the ring! The biggest man yet steps up, but Archer relishes the moment. They throw forearms but then Archer throws knees! He stomps a mudhole into the man then LARIATS him down! Challenger after challenger falls until there is not one standing. No one but Archer, that is.

The Snake applauds and the two head out. But someone late to the party tells the “a**hole” he’s up next. So Archer choke slams the man ONTO A CAR HOOD! And then uses the EBD Claw to dribble the man on it over and over and over again! If this is what Archer can do in one afternoon, what will he do to Cody and The Elite week after week?

AEW makes big match announcements for next week’s episode!

Blood & Guts won’t be the only brutal match next week! Luchasaurus and Wardlow will compete in AEW’s first-ever Lumberjack match! Will MJF and the mercenaries be able to help Mr. Mayhem against the dino-man?

Then, challenge accepted! The Parking Lot Brawl will go down as Pentagon and Rey Fenix will give Chuckie T and Trent their rematch! Who wins this other first-ever for AEW?

And more specifics for next week’s main event, it will be a 5-on-4 match with Nick Jackson out of commission! However, the graphic suggests there is the possibility of a substitution. Is that true? And who would even step up to join The Elite?

Blood & Guts Advantage Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle VS The Elite!

And speaking of being down a man, that means this match is even more critical for The Elite! Will Cody Rhodes, Matt Jackson and Hangman Page be able to coexist and conquer? Or will facing the united unit of Big Hurt Jake Hager and the Proud ‘n’ Powerful Santana & Ortiz be too much to handle?

AEW is picture in picture with a Sammy Guevara card promo. “Prepare to be entertained! Coming up next… The Inner Circle will DEFEAT the Elite! We’ll gain the upper hand… at Blood and Guts! With the numbers advantage, NO ONE can beat… The Inner Circle! We’re the best!” Ortiz clearly shouts this several times. Oh hey, the next card is “Shout out to Santana and Ortiz.” Sammy continues to say, “Always holding your weight, shout out Big Jake.” There’s even a Polo shirt doodle. “Putting Mox on the shelf! Shout out Le Champion. On that commentary, now… sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.” AEW returns to single picture as Chris Jericho makes his entrance! Sing along at home! Sammy’s sour but that’s music to Jericho’s ears.

The Elite make their entrance and Arn Anderson is here to support the team. Jericho says the clipboard looks like a Waffle House menu. Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall join the audience and the Gunn Club is even here to cheer. Jericho insults the neck tattoo while also insulting Excalibur’s art skills before Matt Jackson makes his solo Young Bucks intro. Jericho plays dumb as to what happened between Nick Jackson and the garage door. Last but not least, Hangman Page makes his entrance with Kenny Omega by his side. Jericho gloats that he’s beaten all members of The Elite once so his 4-0 record goes to their advantage already. The trios sort out and this advantage match begins with Cody and Santana.

MJF taunts Cody about the neck tattoo but Cody focuses on Santana. Cody waits on Santana while MJF keeps making jokes. Santana waits for Cody to look that way again before he clobbers Cody from behind! Santana throws haymakers and Cody staggers about. Cody ends up on ropes and Santana CHOPS and clubs Cody down. Santana brings Cody up to whip to ropes but Cody reverses. Things speed up as Cody hurdles and hits the spinning powerslam! Santana scrambles to a corner but Cody is on him. Santana throws body shots and wrenches to tag in Ortiz. PNP double wrench Cody to a double back suplex! Ortiz brings Cody up for European Uppercuts but Cody punches back. Ortiz pokes Cody’s eyes!

The ref reprimands but Ortiz brings Cody out to suplex. Cody blocks and suplexes Ortiz back! Cody grabs an arm to wrench Ortiz and tag in Matt. Matt climbs up to drop ax handles, then he wrenches Ortiz to tag Cody back in. Cody climbs up to drop ax handles of his own but Hangman gets annoyed. This is the second time Hangman and Matt have been on a team together and Matt refused to tag Hangman. Cody tags Matt back in and they double whip Ortiz to double elbow. Cody rolls Ortiz into Matt’s wheelbarrow and then gives him the Rhodes Uppercut! Matt tosses Ortiz up for Hangman’s BOOT! Cody and Matt forearm bump but Hangman leaves them hanging.

Jericho complains on commentary about The Elite fooling us all into thinking they’re good guys despite all the cheating going. But Ortiz pokes Matt in the eye! And shows the claws. Tag to Santana and he runs but Matt dodges to go after Hager as revenge for what happened to Nick! Santana turns Matt around but Matt throws hands on him now! Santana knees low then throws haymakers of his own. He whips Matt to a corner but Matt comes back with a SPEAR! The bandanna comes off and Matt takes aim, but Hangman tags in! Passive aggressive again as Hangman gets in and brings Santana up. Santana spins out and ROCKS Hangman with big haymakers!

Santana CHOPS Hangman in a corner then whips him corner to corner. Hangman reverses and hits a big corner clothesline, then reels Santana in for another! Ortiz shouts at Hangman and the two argue. The ref keeps Ortiz back and Hangman brings Santana up. Santana enziguris but misses! Hangman dead lift pump handles for the suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Hangman keeps his eyes on Ortiz and Hager but goes back to The Elite corner. Tag to Cody but with some attitude. MJF laughs at Cody and Jericho notes the tension, saying that will be The Elite’s downfall. Cody scoops Santana but Santana slips free to waistlock. Cody bucks Santana off but Ortiz hotshots him! Santana clotheslines Cody out and then tags Hager.

Hager blasts the Elite corner while Ortiz puts Cody in Gory Especial! Santana hops on the apron to SUPERKICK Cody, before Ortiz gives Cody snake eyes on the apron. Sammy taunts Kenny Omega and The Elite while Ortiz puts Cody back in. AEW goes to break just as Hager hits his Vader Bomb!

AEW returns as Hager gets the suplex hand-off from Santana. Cody’s been upside-down for at least 15 seconds now, and it goes to a tag to Ortiz. Ortiz gets the hand-off and keeps Cody up another count of 10 before dropping him! Cover, TWO! Jericho confirms that Cody was actually upside-down for close to a minute. Cody bails out and Coach Arn comes by to talk him up. Ortiz goes out and throws Cody into railing! And then into more railing! But Matt rushes over and throws haymakers! Matt mugs Ortiz by the railing but Hager pushes Matt away. The Inner Circle regroups and Ortiz goes back to Cody. Tag to Santana and Santana drags Cody around to lace the legs. Santana slaps Cody on the back to get the crossface for his Queen Angelito stretch!

The other AEW wrestlers rally for Cody, except for MJF and Spears. Cody fights his way up but Santana clubs him down. Santana hooks Cody’s arms with his legs for a butterfly clutch, TWO! Dustin cheers Cody on and Cody throws big body shots! But Santana basement enziguris Cody back down! Santana drags Cody over and tags in Hager. Hager digs a knee into Cody’s chest and rains down rights! Hager drags Cody up to bump off buckles, then snapmares him for a top wristlock. Cody endures, bridges and reaches, but Hager spins Cody around for a facelock! Cody keeps heading for the Elite corner, but Hager powers him to the Inner Circle’s! He rams shoulders into Cody over and over then throws  a big clothesline!

Tag to Ortiz and the Inner Circle mugs Cody. Hager pushes Cody down out of the full nelson and Ortiz slaps Cody around. Ortiz CLAWS Cody’s back! Ortiz facelocks and cranks Cody, but Cody scoops! But Ortiz cradle counters, TWO! Cody reaches but Ortiz keeps him from The Elite. Ortiz drags Cody by his arms and Santana tags in. Santana stomps Cody’s ribs then slaps him around. Santana digs his boots into Cody so Matt runs in to make the save! The ref reprimands Matt and sends him back to his corner while Ortiz “tags” in. PNP mug Cody but Cody spins Ortiz around for CROSS RHODES!! Outta nowhere!! The Inner Circle freaks but the other wrestlers rally up! Cody crawls, as does Ortiz. Hager tags in and goes after Cody, but Cody dumps him out!

Cody crawls again but Santana attacks The Elite corner to deny him a tag! Hager drags Cody away and Santana tags in. Santana drops elbow after elbow but Matt returns! Matt scraps with Hager while Santana stomps Cody and AEW goes picture in picture.

The ref tries to restore order but it allows The Inner Circle more time to bend the rules. Hager tags back in and he drags Cody up for a chinlock. Cody endures and fights his way up, but Hager shifts to gut wrench. Cody resists by grabbing Hager’s leg, and uses that leverage to power his way towards The Elite! Hager tries to hold Cody back, but he goes after Matt with a big right instead! Then Hager drags Cody away to tag in Santana. Santana stomps Cody down and drags him around. Santana traps Cody’s arm between his legs and, well, pretends Cody’s arm is a “front tail” as he wags it around. Then Santana wrenches the arm to a wristlock and tags Hager back in.

The Inner Circle mugs Cody and bumps him off buckles. Hager scoop slams Cody down, then taunts The Elite. Jericho has stuck a Young Buck buck to his head. Wonder where he got that idea from. Hager runs in for another Hager Bomb, but gets BOOTS! Both Cody and Hager are down, crawling for their corners but on the far sides from them. Hot tags to Santana and HANGMAN! Hangman dodges Santana and BOOTS Ortiz! Then he BOOTS Santana before he triangle LARIATS Ortiz! Santana runs in, misses, and Hangman scoops Santana for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up to PESCADO onto Hager! Down goes Big Hurt and the wrestler-fans fire up! Hager gets back in and runs to SLIDING LARIAT Santana! Cover, Ortiz breaks it!

Cody runs to DIVE onto Ortiz and they go into barriers! Cody throws Ortiz into MJF!! Wardlow clamps a choke grip onto Cody, but Arn uses the clipboard to SMACK Wardlow on the arm! Wardlow glares but we focus on the ring. Santana whips Hangman but Matt tags in. Hangman dodges Santana but Hager trips Hangman up! Matt kicks Santana away while Hager throws Hangman into railing. Matt runs into Santana’s boot from the corner, but Matt gives Santana the Northern Suplex! Jericho has to admit that the Polar Express is impressive. Matt keeps going, Northern Lights after Northern Lights. Hager runs in and Matt tries, but he doesn’t have the power! So Hangman helps out!? DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS!

Jericho complains but Hangman and Matt are on the same page! Matt scoops Santana and Hangman slingshots, but Hager yanks Hangman down! Hangman SMACKS off the apron!! Santana slips out to wheelbarrow and victory roll, The Inner Circle win!!

Winners: The Inner Circle, by pinfall (gain Blood & Guts entry advantage)

And it’s over just like that! The Inner Circle already have a numbers advantage with Nick Jackson down, and now they’ll be able to use it time and again in Blood & Guts! “Look at this! Look at this!” Jericho calls everyone dumb idiots and asks if they saw what just happened. Shut the music off so he can talk! It’s not like there are fans here anyway. Jericho gloats that the Inner Circle would get the advantage, and now they are guaranteed to win Blood & Guts!

In fact, there are four reasons why they’re guaranteed to win. First, this win here giving them the advantage. Second, they’re The Inner Circle, duh! Third, Jericho bans all fans from all future AEW events until he says so. The world could change for the better tomorrow, still no fans allowed next week. He doesn’t need “pumpkin-headed dipsh*ts” chanting for Cody, Matt or whoever. And fourth and most important, after what happened to Matt’s “snot-nosed little brother,” Nick, this is 5v4 for an obvious advantage. They count it down on their fingers, making sure to end on the middle one. “You don’t stand a chance, maaan~!” So when Blood & Guts finally happens- Hager does push-ups with Sammy on his back!

But as Jericho was saying, the Inner Circle has never had any problems with each other. No tensions, no finisher friendly fire, no getting buzzed ringside, none of that! So there’s no way the Inner Circle does anything but win. They’ve dominated AEW! They’ve dominated The Elite! So come Blood & Guts, they’ll dominate that, too. And get paid a lot of money. Jericho talks smack to Brandi and Dustin now. Sammy, show off that bod. Hit up the Spanish God. Cody’s a loser anyway, so-

Wait, what’s that buzzing? Is that a drone? Is that THE drone?! Matt gets a mic to admit that The Elite hasn’t always been on good terms with each other. But one mistake Jericho made is assuming The Elite was outnumbered. It isn’t 5v4 at all. Matt made a call to a friend who owed him a favor. Piano music plays, and BROKEN MATT HARDY IS IN AEW!! The Inner Circle is speechless. Will Hardy help The Elite DELETE!?

My Thoughts:

What an amazing episode! Now, not to harp on comparisons with the WWE and their way of handling empty arena episodes, but this is how Raw should’ve handled it on Monday. Though, I am surprised AEW went ahead with as many matches and with as many people present as they did. And not to make it as if the audience doesn’t matter for a wrestling show, because there are times a live audience can add (or subtract) from wrestling. But when a show is booked the right way, live audiences don’t really matter for a television viewing experience. And this episode was booked right.

Cody opening to make a sort of plea to The Elite in hopes of rallying them together was good, and even Jake the Snake’s snipe about it was good, too. Archer’s vignette being him running a gauntlet of over a dozen men was great, as it gives us an idea of his AEW persona as opposed to the NJPW Archer. But obviously, “Everybody dies!” sticks with him no matter what. Archer may be Jake’s client but I wouldn’t mind seeing the ring leader join the faction as someone to make entrance introductions for them. MJF and the other wrestlers ringside really added to stuff, which was the perfect way to take advantage of no fans. Why WWE didn’t think to do more of that these last few days is a bit odd but now it’s too late, they’d be seen as copying AEW from here on.

The matches didn’t even need fans cheering it on, either, aside from their fellow wrestlers watching. The Women’s Fatal 4 was really good, and Penelope is doing great with this apparent push. Shida still wins as she’s been on course for a match with Nyla Rose for some time now, but everyone looked great in this match. Cabana and Kip getting at it was great and their match will be fun to see. Maybe Cabana ends up with a female ally to give us more Mixed Tag matches. There were some miscues here and there in the tag matches we got, but other than that, great stuff there, too. Next week’s Parking Lot Brawl is going to be great, and while Jurassic Park gets wins as duos, I’m still hoping this builds to the AEW Trios Championships.

The Dark Order’s Exalted One turning out to be Luke Harper/Brodie Lee was highly expected by a lot of us, but I’m okay with it. Him wanting The Dark Order to be more forceful is an interesting direction, but I did like his line about another old man not believing in him. Lee definitely has the physical strength to be an imposing leader, and Lee VS Daniels would make for a pretty good match that could easily be built all the way to Double or Nothing. And may have to, given the way of the world. I almost thought that with Moxley’s promo about a blind spot and the graphic suggesting a new fifth man meant he’d join The Elite for Blood & Guts, but seems not. Broken Matt freakin’ Hardy, ladies and gentlemen! What a great way to accent how it seemed all hope was lost for The Elite.

The Six Man Tag main event was great on all levels, from in the ring to the character work with everyone involved. I thought the moment of Matt Jackson and Hangman Page finally working together again was going to come in Blood & Guts, but they did at least save some sort of Buck Shot meets Indietaker combination move for that match. I am very intrigued to see Hardy bring back his Broken fighting style, and perhaps even change it up a bit more now that he’s in a new company. Blood & Guts being submission or surrender only, I’d think Hardy has a submission move picked out to use on someone, regardless if it gets the finish.

My Score:  9.3/10

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