Impact Wrestling Results (7/22/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing July 22nd, 2021. This is the show after Slammiversary and Jay White will be in the Impact Zone. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: July 15th

Impact Wrestling Results (7/22/2021)

Before the first match, Rohit Raju blames Chris Bey for them not winning the X-Division title. Bey comes across a Bullet Club shirt.

#1. Rohit Raju (w/ Shera) vs. Chris Bey — Winner: Chris Bey

Jay White makes his Impact debut by talking to Chris Bey backstage. He offered him membership in the Bullet Club, but Bey says he walks alone. White asks what walking alone has done for him lately. The offer still stands, because Bullet Club sees potential in him.

– Don Callis has the Impact World title, which makes him more powerful than Tommy Dreamer & Scott D’Amore. In case you don’t know, Kenny Omega is injured, he was busted open and needed several stitches, so he’s not happy about the working environment. Callis is asked about Jay White, and one thing he doesn’t like is uncertainty. Maybe he’s here to join the Super Elite? Or he’s here to do what he always does, which is stab people in the back. Anyone who tries to step to Kenny Omega will have to step up to the Invisible Hand.

– Mickie James is here. She says it’s good to be back and hear that song one more time. At Slammiversary, kicking the champ in the mouth, that felt good too. However, it didn’t go the way she wanted. She was looking to change the business and had a serious intention. She’s here today to finish that business, so she would like Deonna Purrazzo to come out here. The Knockouts Champion makes her way to the ring. Mickie tells her she didn’t want to get physical and disagrees that Deonna thought it was the wrong time to be out there. Still, she would love her to be there at NWA Empowerrr. An all woman’s PPV needs the best, and Mickie says she will be in the main event, and wants Purrazzo to be there too.

The Virtuosa was ready to give her the benefit of the doubt if she were to do the right thing. She talks about respect, but is only out there for herself. Mickie is saying all these things to get what she needs and what every company in the world wants. Purrazzo wants her to grovel and apologize for what she did at Slammiversary. If that’s not something she is willing to do, then Deonna needs to slap Mickie in to next week. Oh! Here comes Gail Kim. She’s here to clear up the confusion. Kim tells Purrazzo it was her idea to have Mickie James out there after her title match. She asks Deonna if she wants to miss out on this opportunity to face a legend. James again, pleads with her to come to NWA Empowerrr. Finally, they shake hands and seal the deal.

#2. Jake Something, Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green vs. Brian Myers, Sam Beale & Tenille Dashwood — Winner: Jake Something, Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green*

*Taylor Wilde returned to provide a distraction for Green to pick up the win over Sam Beale.

Eddie Edwards had W. Morrissey at Slammiversary, but he could only win by using a chain. Let’s take this to the parking lot right now! Let’s go. After the break, Morrissey finds him and start brawling in the streets. After Eddie found two Kenny kendo sticks, Morrissey ran off.

Jay White Provokes The Elite

Here comes NEVER Openweight Champion, The Switchblade Jay White. He introduces himself as the #1 asset in all of wrestling. He is the last rocker who single-handedly sold out Madison Square Garden. He’s also the only Grand Slam Champion in New Japan, and is the real “Belt Collector”. Jay is here in Impact for one man… David Finlay. He thinks he can come to Impact to hide from him, but at Resurgence, he will find out his last name is one to be laughed at. His daddy must be so disappointed. He might have beat him in the New Japan cup, but he’ll never beat him for the title.

Also, he couldn’t help coming to Slammiversary to visit Bullet Club’s biggest fans… you know, the guys who still throw up “Too Sweet” like it’s 2013. He’s talking about The Good Brothers, who were only ever relevant when tied to Bullet Club. But this is a new era, it’s his era of Bullet Club, and they have standards. Sorry guys, you just aren’t good enough anymore. So, after thinking about it, he’s declining them re-joining the club. If they want to appeal the decision… oh, here comes Kenny Omega and The Elite. Omega tells the guys to hold Callis back, he’s pissed! In fact, Don says he always loved Jay White. Great guy, great athlete, even makes for a nice promo.

He remembers what the real Bullet Club was like, it had The Good Brothers & the god of pro wrestling, Kenny Omega. You see, while Jay was washing people’s backs, the real Club were selling out the Tokyo Dome. Now, he leads a group which sells a dozen shirts and is filled with mid-carders, so if anything he should be asking them to join. Jay White wants to remind them of the last match he had with Omega, you know, when he beat him in the middle of the ring. This flusters Kenny to the point he goes backstage to talk about it with Don, and The Good Brothers have this covered.

When Anderson & Gallows left New Japan, they left the Club in a state where they could make a living wage… you’re welcome. White should be thankful to them for making the Bullet Club to begin with. We’ve got the Club leaders and royalty stood right here, so it’s the best time for Jay to say thank you for everything they did. White says all they ever did was talk and nothing’s changed. Anderson’s career peaked long ago after losing in a tournament final, while he is everything they wished they could have been. Good Brothers jump him and start a 2-on-1 fight. Here comes Chris Bey to even the odds! And together they fend off The Good Brothers. The battle between The Elite and the Bullet Club begins here.

– Backstage, Josh Alexander talks about his win at Slammiversary and wanting to become the face of the company. Kenny Omega overhears him and asks if he really meant that. He asks Josh if he’s that X-Division guy? Callis tells him not to worry about it.

#3. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. FinJuice, Juice Robinson & David Finlay — Winners: FinJuice

Rohit Raju & Shera help Austin & Fulton to beat up FinJuice and leave them laying.

– Rich Swann & Willie Mack don’t understand why Violent By Design blames them for losing the titles because they lost the match too. The light starts to flicker before going out, and when it comes back on, Eric Young appears behind them. Violent By Design brutally attack them while the light flickers.

– Moose knocks on Scott D’Amore’s door. He wants Chris Sabin again, and if by chance, Sabin shows up and wants to go too. D’Amore makes it the main event for next week, and Sabin says he can’t wait to beat him again.

#4. [Knockouts Tag Team Title] Rosemary & Havok (w/ Decay) vs. Fire N’ Flava, Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz — Winners: Rosemary & Havok

— Impact Wrestling Results (7/22/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (7/22/2021)

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