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ResultsINDIENWA Powerrr February 4, 2020 Results and Review

NWA Powerrr February 4, 2020 Results and Review



With two championship matches on the horizon, this is going to be an action packed episode of POWERRR!

Aron Stevens has to defend the National Championship against the tough as nails, Trevor Murdoch, who is on a roll after his valiant attempt at Hard Times’ Television Championship Tournament and finally, Allysin Kay invokes her rematch clause for the Women’s Championship. Will Allysin Kay get her title back or will the thunder roll with Thunder Rosa and retain the NWA Women’s Championship? Find out at this episode of NWA Powerrr!


  • Matt Cross vs Caleb Conley – Matt Cross def. Caleb Conley via Shooting Star Press- ***
  • Aron Stevens (c) vs Trevor Murdoch for the NWA National Championship- Time Limit Draw- **
  • Eli Drake & James Storm vs Jocephus and Mims- Drake and Storm win via Fireman Carry/Backstabber Combo- **
  • Thunder Rosa (c) vs Allysin Kay for the NWA Women’s Championship- Thunder Rosa retains via Leg Clutch Rollup- ** 3/4


Joe Galli opens the show off, telling us about our main event of Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay before bringing an interview with Tim Storm. Storm tells the crowd about how much he loves the attendees and fans watching around the world then tells us he has a match with Tom Latimer next week to try to prove he can be World’s Champion again. He gives all of Strictly Business their props even if he is not on good terms until Latimer comes out to tell Tim that he can’t get the World Title shot. Galli gets a notification the Momma Storm is actually going to come out… well… someone paid off to be Momma Storm to make fun of Tim’s misfortunes, like losing the NWA Title and other ridiculous things. He has enough and we cut to commercial and short coverage to Hard Times with Thunder Rosa winning the NWA Women’s Championship.

Matt Cross vs Caleb Conley- Ricky Starks comes to be a guest commentate this match to see who is next for a TV Title shot in this high speed match-up. After a quick, battle of speed with leg trips and head scissors until Cross gets the upper hand. Cross looks like he is giving Conley a run for his money until a slip up on the top rope that Caleb catches onto. Both men show their resilience in this match up with very special moves done, like a Rope Assisted Tornado DDT from Conley and a Rebound Ace Crusher. Cross came out on top with a beautiful Shooting Star Press that even Liger would love. It was a very good match that displayed how much havoc they can do in the ring.

David Marquez has The Pope out to ask what’s going on with Kingston and Homicide. Pope easily brings up the The Dawsons took advantage of a good situation and that Homicide is holding Kingston. Eddie Kingston comes out and heard enough, trying to keep his cool, telling Pope straight up that he shouldn’t disrespect Homicide. Kingston says that he has a couple of guys that needed a favor, Eddie needed a favor so he brings out The Bouncers of Ring of Honor to back him up.

May Valentine shows that she has her own small segment called “May’s Diary”. It’s a very cheesy and goofy segment about how much she loves Royce and her outfits(?). It’s… It’s actually hilarious. Not even denying that.

Aron Stevens vs Trevor Murdoch- Trevor Murdoch has the match basically in his favor the whole time until the shenanigans began with The Question Mark and doing the Cat and Mouse chase outside of the ring until the ref ejected The Question Mark from the ring. This gave the advantage to Aron Stevens and he tried to kill as much time as possible with tossing Murdoch out of the ring and applying Sleeper Holds to kill the Ten Minute Time Limit. After the ten grueling minutes, the match up ended in a draw.

Eli Drake & James Storm vs Jocephus and Mims- Jocephus is unbanned from the NWA apparently and taking it to the champs but, after a while the upper hand went to Beer Dummy (It’s not official but, I’d be upset if that wasn’t the name in all honesty). A good effort to Mims and Jocephus but in the end, the tandem offense of James Storm and Eli Drake go the better of their opponents and it was all she wrote.

Thunder Rosa (c) vs Allysin Kay- Thunder Rosa gets the early advantage after a test of “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” by doing what she did at Hard Times with arm captures, key locks against the ropes and Fujiwara Armbars to eliminating the power of Allysin Kay for a good portion of the match. As much as Allysin tries to get separation from Thunder Rosa, Rosa always closes the distance between the two quickly and takes it to Allysin Kay. After a short cat fight and closer hockey fighting, Marti Belle shows up to the confusion of Thunder Rosa. Both Allysin and Rosa ask what she’s doing out here until Ashley Vox and Tasha Steelz comes out to scare away Marti. The match continues after everyone is watching on at the announce table and Thunder Rosa goes for a quick roll up, only to get a kick out from Allysin Kay. Thunder Rosa showing off some of her power by breaking out a Gory Bomb and Death Valley Driver, only to get another two count. Allysin gets a good late momentum shift but, Thunder Rosa gets use of her momentum and rolls Allysin up with a Leg Clutch to secure the victory.

Final Thoughts

This was a good show, most matches were very well put together and the main event was a good sequel to their match up at Hard Times. Eli and James are showing that they are a good team together, Matt Cross and Caleb showed off their impressive athletic prowess. Match I recommend watching. Aron Stevens showing his “cowardly bad guy” character very well and being entertaining. With the dust settling and matches in the books, there is something that looms that will raise some questions. Melina has a Women’s Championship match this week, against her partner, Thunder Rosa.

Will she expect a Finger Poke of Doom? Will Rosa allow that to happen or will her pride and integrity of being Champion stop her from doing the bidding of Melina? Tune in next week for NWA Powerrr!

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