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ResultsROH500 Episodes of Honor | ROH Wrestling Review & Results (4/17/2021)

500 Episodes of Honor | ROH Wrestling Review & Results (4/17/2021)



It has been over a year since I have covered Ring of Honor Wrestling, and what better of a way to start off this new era of coverage than with the 500th episode of ROH. It’s time, it’s time! Let’s get into this historic episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling!

An Emotional Opening

Ring of Honor kicks off with an emotional video package. This video package documents the evolution of ROH. This company has slowly grown from a small, underground, independent federation into a… slightly bigger independent federation. Nevertheless, this video package was great. Check it out below!

The Breakdown

After that sweet video package, we are introduced to the show by announcer Quinn McKay. Quinn McKay recaps some historical Ring of Honor moments and discusses an online contest ROH hosted on Facebook. This content would determine the two matches we would see on the 500th edition of ROH Wrestling. The two matches that won this vote were Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal vs. Jonathan Gresham for the ROH Pure Championship.

We then transition into separate interviews being conducted in regard to the upcoming ROH Pure Championship match. Jay Lethal talks about his reaction to hearing that he would have to face his fellow stablemate. Lethal was upset at first. He has stepped in the ring with Gresham before and claims to have always walked out a better man (even if he wasn’t the better man.) However, he remembered that the ROH Pure Championship is on the line. He remembers that he is the “best professional wrestler in the world.” Lethal caps off his statement by stating that “no matter what, the ROH Pure Championship will remain in The Foundation after tonight.”

We move on to Jonathan Gresham in a very fly suit cutting a promo about his upcoming title defense against Jay Lethal. Gresham says he has a lot of respect for Lethal, but that he will not be losing this championship tonight. That match will be our opening contest.

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