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ResultsSMACKDOWNWWE SmackDown Results (12/8/2023)

WWE SmackDown Results (12/8/2023)



Here are the results for the special “Tribute To The Troops” episode of WWE SmackDown airing on December 8, 2023. The show begins with a rendition of the national anthem of the United States Of America.

#1. [US Championship Tournament] Santos Escobar (w/ Dominik Mysterio) vs. Dragon Lee – Winner: Santos Escobar

Dominik spits on Dragon Lee afterward, to send a message before their NXT North American title match at tomorrow’s NXT Deadline PLE.

Randy Orton asks why Nick Aldis put him in a match tonight with LA Knight, a guy he didn’t know until last week. Aldis says they both want The Bloodline, so it makes sense. Orton pays double the fine for last week’s RKO. Aldis asks him why, and Randy says the extra is for next time.

Cody Rhodes is in the house. He thanks all the service men and women for being here tonight, and everyone watching at home. We get a video package of the history behind Tribute To The Troops. Following this, we get a couple of soldiers from the United States Army Drill Team rifle spinning.

#2. [US Championship Tournament] Karrion Kross (w/ Scarlett) vs. Bobby Lashley – Winner: Bobby Lashley

Bayley apologizes to Damage CTRL for messing up last week. Iyo Sky tells Dakota Kai something in Japanese, who translates to Bayley that they don’t need her out there when Asuka faces Charlotte Flair later.

CM Punk arrives. He says he has good news. He isn’t at the end of the show, so he won;t be getting his time cut, and they can go ahead and chant. Where is he going to sign? He is blessed to take this journey with the fans, because he is going to leave it to them. They don’t respond well to the suggestion of RAW, but they pop for SmackDown. He asks if they want him to eliminate 29 other superstars and go on to WrestleMania?

Allow him to get comfortable and be the spicy CM Punk the people know and love. It’s not what do you want to talk about… it is who do they want him to talk about. He could tell some stories about Cody Rhodes. Or he could talk about someone who isn’t here, like the guy who is never here. Roman Reigns… Tribal Chief, he acknowledges him. Congratulations on your success, but don’t forget who the OG Paul Heyman guy is. Don’t forget he was his wise man first. He may not be here, but his cousins are. Shoutout to main event Jey Uso on RAW.

If he’s going to scrap with Jimmy Uso, he has a lot of cousins. He would need backup, like a guy called Randy Orton. Or maybe even LA Knight. Who else? Someone said Kevin Owens. Maybe he could fight Kevin Owens. They are a bit too much alike. You can’t be randomly punching people in the face backstage, it’s 2023… that’s insane. Even JBL is happy to see CM Punk. Everyone is welcoming him back with open arms, except for that one guy. He won’t put stock in anything he says, because the whiny voice guy isn’t the man in his own household. All he has is that song.

We’re going to find out where he will sign on Monday Night RAW. He promises to make the decision in the same place he walked out of this place ten years ago. Out of all the guys he mentioned, they are unlucky, because he is the monkey wrench in their future goals. He is back to finish what he started. On Monday night, he puts pen to paper and finishes his story, and that includes main eventing WrestleMania.

CM Punk looks for Nick Aldis’ room and bumps in to Kevin Owens, who says he doesn’t know where it is. He isn’t making any friends.

As the next match starts, members of the women’s locker room show up to fight the rest of Damage CTRL to the back, therefore leaving Asuka on her own.

#3. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair – Winner: Asuka with help from Bayley

Nick Aldis gives CM Punk a contract to look over. Cody Rhodes walks in to say that to finish his story, he would have to win the Royal Rumble, and that would be interesting. They shake hands out of respect.

As Randy Orton and LA Knight stand together, CM Punk pops up and wishes them luck, before walking out of shot. Orton asks LA Knight if he is ready, and he says… “Yeah!”

#4. Randy Orton & LA Knight vs. Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso – Winner: 

WWE SmackDown Results (12/8/2023)

WWE SmackDown Results (12/8/2023)

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