WWE Monday Night RAW Results – September 9, 2019


Here are the results of Monday Night RAW for September 9, 2019.

Out comes Stone Cold to a big pop. He chugs a few beers before taking the microphone. Stone Cold says that it feels good to be back at the Garden. He recalls Survivor Series when he faced Bret Hart and remembered wanting to beat his ass.

It was an iconic moment in his career. WWE was worried about his neck, Vince tried to serenade him and he said “EH! EH!” and then he hit Vince McMahon with his very first Stunner. He also remembers when he faced Undertaker at Summerslam. He said it was the first time he was knocked out and Earl Hebner had to remind him where he was.

He gets the contract signing started and he calls out Strowman first, and then Rollins. Strowman stares down Austin. Seth tells Austin that Strowman is concerned that they might have it in for him. The crowd chants “WHAT” towards Rollins, but he says that he is okay with it tonight.

Rollins says that he is the best wrestler on the planet, he says that he isn’t going to stab Strowman in the back and he will walk out of Clash of Champions the same way he came in. Rollins signs the contract.

Strowman then says that he admires Austin since he grew up, but a rattlesnake is still a rattlesnake. Strowman says he’s going to open up a can of whoop-ass on Rollins and he’ll get these hands. He signs. Out comes The OC.

AJ Styles mocks everybody, including Austin. Styles says Austin needs to sit this out or he’ll get hurt. AJ says this has nothing to do with Austin, and everything to do with Rollins and Strowman. The crowd continues to mock Styles. Styles tells them that’s why no one likes coming to New York. Austin says he should put more bass in his voice. Styles tells him to shut up.

Styles says Ausitn has turned into an asshole at his old age. He berates the fact Strowman just had to stare at the title in order to get a title shot. He calls Steve an old fart. Austin moves the table out of the way. He says he doesn’t know where Styles is coming from, but he knows where he’s going.

Rollins and Strowman then attack The OC and clear them out of the ring. Rollins goes for a Curb Stomp on Seth but he sends Seth out of the ring. Austin hits a stunner on Styles from behind and celebrates.

Still to come, Becky Lynch and Charlotte vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks.

AJ Styles vs. Cedric Alexander

We see Styles still feeling the effects of the Stunner that he took. Alexander starts with a house of fire with a few hard shots in the corner and a hard Irish whip. Cedric sends Styles outside and whips him into the barricade while giving him some knife edge chops. He gets another chop on the apron.

He sends Styles back into the ring and hits a few shoulder blocks. Styles whips him into the corner, but Alexander gets a reverse hurricanrana and a drop kick. Alexander goes for a suplex but Styles catches him in the throat and gets another kick. Styles hits the knife edge chop. Styles gets a few more shots in the corner before Alexander responds with a big enziguri. Cedric then gets the big dive on the outside.

AJ catches Alexander’s arms in the ropes and he works it over as we cut to commercial. Back from commercial, Cedric fights back with some shots and punches but Styles gets a hard kick to the side. Styles goes for a shot in the corner but Cedric knees him and gets some chops.

Styles with a nother kick to the face before Alexander gets the Mchinoku Driver for 2. Alexander gets a back elbow and goes for an attack but AJ sends him outside the ring. Alexander responds with a kick and goes for a Phenomenal Forearm, but the OC attacks, causing a disqualification.

Winner: Cedric Alexander by DQ

After the match, The OC continues to jump him before The Viking Raiders come out to his aide and take out Gallows and Anderson. Alexander dropkicks Styles out of the ring and The Viking Raiders hit the Viking Experience on Anderson.

Backstage, we see Bayley and Sasha. Sasha says she heard Becky and Charlotte were mad for what happened to them last week. Bayley said there’s no stronger connection than her and Sasha. Sasha says they can take that to the bank.

Later tonight, a new episode of Firefly Fun House.

Out comes Roman Reigns and he mentions the time he announced he had leukemia and he talked about the love and strength that led him to return and change his perspective. He wanted to use this platform to visit pediatric cancer hospitals across the country and visited one in New York. Roman then brings out some children. He says it’s on us to support them and have their backs.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

Flair and Lynch take the fight to Sasha and Bayley outside. Sasha and Bayley jump Charlotte, but Becky gets involved and hits an exploder Suplex on Sasha. Back in the ring, she continues brawling with becky and then goes after Bayley before the two jump her. Charlotte comes back in the ring with a chair while Bayley and Sasha escape.

We start the formal match with Sasha and Becky before Bayley is tagged in. Becky forces Bayley into the corner and sends her out of the ring. Becky sends Bayley into the barricade three times for a 2 count. Becky tags in Charlotte as she shoves Bayley aside. She stomps her and forces her into the corner.

Bayley then gets the advantage and tags in Sasha who stomps Charlotte. Sasha tags Bayley back in as the double whip Charlotte in the corner. Bayley gets a front facelock before Charlotte gets a shot to the face. She stomps Bayley in the corner as Becky tags herself in.

Becky goes for an Exploder Suplex before Bayley sends her on the apron. She goes for a cutter, but Becky escapes. Sasha attempts an attack, but Becky fends her off. Bayley gets a Stunner to the ropes and regains the advantage. Bayley continues to work over Becky before Becky escapes.

Hot tag to Charlotte and Bayley hot tags Bayley, and she gets some chops to Sasha. Charlotte gets a fallaway slam on Sasha and kicks Bayley to the floor. Charlotte gets a facebuster to the turnbuckle and then goes for a suplex, but Sasha lands on her feet. Charlotte then turns that into a neckbreaker for 2.

Charlotte shoves Sasha and goes for a backbreaker, but Sasha reverse into the Bank Statement, but doesn’t have it fully locked in. Charlotte gets the Figure Eight and Bayley looks to break up the pin before Becky intercepts her with an Ambreaker attempt. Bayley reverses that into a roll-up right into Charlotte to break up the submission.

Charlotte gets a double knees to the face on Charlotte on the outside as we cut to commercial. Back from commercial, Sasha forces Charlotte into the corner for a 2 count. Bayley tags in and she hits some knife edge chops before Flair fights back with a big right. Flair attempts to escape but Bayley gets a front facelock. Bayley continues to stomp Charlotte in the corner and goes for a charge but Charlotte gets a knee up.

Charlotte goes for a tag to Bayley but Bayley attempts to cut her off. Charlotte sends her into the ropes and Becky is tagged in. Becky goes crazy on both Sasha and Bayley while she gets a series of strikes. Becky gets an Exploder on an interfering Sasha and follows up with a baseball slide to the outside. Becky then gets a jumping clothesline from the apron. Bayley goes for a strike, but Becky gets a series of kicks.

Becky goes to the top rope, but Bayley cuts her off. Becky fights her off, but Bayley responds with a Belly to Belly attempt. Becky goes for the Armbar but Sasha gets a backstabber from behind. Charlotte comes back in with a big boot. Bayley then fights Charlotte off.

Sasha and Bayley go for a double team suplex on Charlotte, but she lands on her feet and that leads to a double missile dropkick from Becky. Lynch gets a a legdrop from the top rope and Charlotte follows up with a moonsault. Sasha stops the three count.

On the outside, Sasha and Becky fight it out until Becky sends Sasha into the steps and gets the Armbar on the outside. Sasha taps but Bayley kicks her from behind. Charlotte kicks her from behind but fights her off. Bayley gets a Belly to Belly on Becky to the barricade and hits a German on Charlotte.

Back in the ring, Charlotte goes for another attack but Sasha distracts her. Charlotte knocks her out and Bayley goes for a roll-up for 2. Charlotte hits the Natural Selection on Bayley and that’s that.

Winners: Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

Backstage, we see AJ Styles and The OC. AJ is asked what his opinions are about the contract signing incident and how the match with Cedric ended. AJ says The OC runs this place and if New York doesn’t like it….Bobby Roode and Dolph interrupts.

Dolph says that The OC should be running this place, but they are not. The two teams have a common enemy, and one way or another, business will get taken care of tonight. Dolph and AJ styles shake hands.

Rey Mysterio vs. Gran Metalik

The two trade armbars and they reach a stalemate. Metalik and Mysterio continue to trade flips and twists before Mysterio goes for a 619 that Metalik escapes. He goes for a roll-up that gets 2. Metalik goes for a powerbomb, but Mysteiro turns that into a hurricanrana on the outside. Mysterio then goes for a baseball slide on the outside, but Metalik escapes and gets a superkick.

Metalik then gets a dive to the outside. Metalik gets a springboard senton for 2 and gets a headlock. Mysterio sends Metalik in the corner with a hurricanrana. He then gets a seated senton from the top rope and follows it up with a crossbody. He goes to the corner for another attack, but Metalik gets the knee up.

Mysteiro goes for another attack, but Metalik turns that into a 2nd rope springboard missile dropkick. The two fight on the top rope before Metalik gets the advantage with a big chop and a hurricanrana with Mysterio seated on the rope. That gets 2. Mysterio then gets a sunset flip powerbomb for 2.

Mysterio gets a hurricanrana into the ropes for a 619 and gets a frog splash for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Backstage we see Cedric Alexander talking with Rollins and Strowman. Back from commercial, Rollins, Strowman, Alexander and The Viking Raiders vs. The OC, Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler in a 10 man tag team match is announced.

Backstage, we see The Street Profits and do some recapping. Dawkins shoots his shot with Sasha Banks. We get a recap video of the Roman Reign saga.

Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet vs. Baron Corbin

Ricochet starts by fighting off both Joe and Corbin before Joe forces Ricochet into the corner. Joe sends Ricochet to the opposite side and Ricochet gets a hurricanrana and a jumping dropkick. Corbin runs around the other side and gets a shoulder tackle on Ricochet back in the ring. He gets a shot to the gut and a club to the back. Corbin sends Ricochet to the corner, but Ricochet fights back with a shoulder to the guy and a kick. Springboard clothesline and standing shooting star press gets 2.

Ricochet gets a dropkick to Joe off the apron and goes for Corbin but gets out the way. Ricochet gets an enziguri to Corbin and then gets a suicide dive on Samoa Joe and follows up with an overhead flip on Corbin.

Back from commercial, Ricochet goes for a hurricanrana, but Corbin sends Ricochet face first into the ring post. Joe then gets a diving forearm dive onto Corbin. Joe then sends Ricochet face first into the ring post. Corbin is sent back into the ring but he fights back. Joe responds with shots of his own but Corbin gets a thrust. Joe responds with an atomic drop, a big boot and a senton before Ricochet breaks up the pin.

Ricochet gets shots of his own, but Joe gets a big knife edge chop on him. Ricochet gets a jumping uppercut but Joe responds with a powerslam for 2. Joe and Ricochet fight on the top rope, but Corbin attempts to powerbomb Joe for the tower of doom. Joe fights back. Ricochet dives onto Corbin, but Corbin clotheslines Ricochet. Ricochet superkicks Joe.

Ricochet gets some knife edge chops on Corbin and gets a dropkick, but Corbin responds with a big boot. Ricochet gets a cover for two, but Corbin gets a powerbomb and a huge Deep Six before Joe takes him out of the ring to break the count. He applies the Coquina Clutch as they drive themselves from barricade to barricade. Joe then gets Corbin down to the floor with the Clutch applied. Ricochet gets a shoot star press from the apron.

Ricochet forces Joe back into the ring and goes for the 630, but Joe escapes and gets the Coquina Clutch. Ricochet quickly runs to the corner and flips out of it and gets a Codebreaker. Ricochet gets the 630, but Corbin drives Ricochet over the barricade. Corbin steals the pin for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Lacey Evans vs. Natalya

Arm and shoulder lock forces Natalya in the corner and Lacey pokes her. Nattie slaps her and forces Eveans into the corner. Snap suplex connects and she starts to work over Lacey’s left leg. Leg lock connects before Lacey gets to the rope. Crowd starts a “CM Punk” chant but the crowd quickly drowns it out.

Natalya gets a spinning clothesline for 2. She goes for the Sharpshooter but Lacey escapes. Lacey gets a shot to the gut and a neckbreaker on the outside. Lacey suffocates Natalya’s face with the ring apron and gets another attack for 2. Lacey works over Natalya in the corner. Lacey gets the corner pop for 2. Lacey goes for the moonsault but Natalya escapes.

Lacey gets another massive kick to the gut and forces Nattie in the corner. She throws her handkerchief on Natalya’s shoulders and goes for another corner pop, but Natalya gets the legs up. Natalya gets the Sharpshooter and that’s it.

Winner: Natalya

We get a recap of Enes Kanter winning the 24/7 Title from R-Truth and Truth winning it back.

We get Firefly Fun House and they talk about Stone Cold, Seth and Strowman. They talk about how strangers are bad people. Bray says strangers are friends you haven’t met yet. But Bray says friends forgives, but The Fiend does not forgive. See you in hell.

Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders vs. The OC, Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Back from the break and WWE Universal and RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins is also out. RAW Tag Team Champion Braun Strowman waits in the ring with Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders, Erik and Ivar. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler are out first for their tag team. Out next comes The OC – WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Ziggler starts off with Rollins and they go at it. Rollins gets the upperhand early on and tags in Ivar. Ivar with a big knee to Ziggler’s gut. Ivar slams Ziggler and in comes Erik for a double team slam. AJ breaks up the pin attempt. Cedric runs in and attacks AJ, which leads to a bigger brawl breaking out as the referee tries to get control. Ziggler comes off the top but Strowman catches him in a big chokeslam. We go to commercial with Strowman standing tall and yelling out as some of his partners join him in the ring.

Back from the beak and Anderson is going at it with Cedric. Anderson takes it to the corner and works Cedric over. AJ tags in and stomps away on Cedric now. Cedric drops AJ and they’re both down as their partners wait for tags. AJ drives Cedric’s shoulder into the mat to stop a tag. Gallows tags in and unloads in the corner. Roode comes in and puts boots to Cedric in the corner. Roode keeps Cedric grounded with a headlock now, then focuses on his arm. Cedric fights up and out but Roode takes him back down by his arm for a 2 count. Roode drops a knee on Cedric for a 2 count. Roode with another pin attempt.

Cedric catches a kick and levels Roode with a big shot. Fans pop and rally for Cedric now. Rollins and Anderson get the hot tags. Rollins unloads and hits a Slingblade, then an enziguri to Gallows. Anderson sends Rollins to the apron. Rollins flies in with more offense and a Falcon Arrow for a 2 count as Roode breaks it up. Everyone gets involved no, hitting their finishers as chaos unfolds. Rollins takes out AJ and stands tall for a pop. Rollins and Strowman then take turns on their opponents – Strowman running around the ring and leveling guys as Rollins runs the ropes and nails suicide dives on them. Strowman comes in and hits a running powerslam on Anderson. Rollins stands guard while Strowman covers for the pin on Anderson, but Roode and Ziggler run in to shove Rollins onto Strowman, breaking up Strowman’s pin.

Strowman doesn’t realize what just happened with Roode and Ziggler shoving Rollins into him to break the pin up. Braun looks at Rollins and they start arguing. RAW goes to commercial with Strowman and Rollins having words.

Back from the break and Ziggler has Rollins down in their corner. Anderson tags in and keeps the attack going. Anderson slams Rollins for a quick pin attempt. Anderson keeps Rollins grounded in the middle of the ring now. Rollins fights out and leaps for a pin but Anderson catches him in mid-air with a big Spinebuster but Rollins still kicks out.

Roode is in with Rollins now. Rollins counters and drops Roode. Ziggler tags in but Rollins blocks the Fame-asser and delivers a big Buckle Bomb. AJ tags in and stops Rollins from tagging. Rollins counters and Braun tags in. Braun runs over AJ twice and levels him with a big boot. AJ blocks a running powerslam and Strowman end sup running into the ring post. Erik tags in and takes out Roode and Gallows but AJ drops him with a kick. Ivar tags in and takes out AJ. Ivar goes to the top and leaps out, taking down everyone on the floor with a dive, except for Cedric and AJ, who are in the ring alone. Cedric tagged in as Ivar dived to the floor. More back and forth between AJ and Cedric in the ring. Cedric hits the Lumbar Check in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winners: Cedric Alexander, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Erik, and Ivar

– After the bell, the glass breaks and out comes Steve Austin to a big pop. Austin calls for beers and has a celebration with Rollins, Strowman, Alexander and The Vikings in the middle of the ring. They all go wild as Austin calls for more beers to be thrown in. Erik and Ivar are especially excited. The beer bash continues as Austin hits the corner to pose for the fans. The Garden cheers on Austin and friends as the final RAW before Clash of Champions goes off the air.

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