-- As noted earlier, Michael Cole has been told by WWE to lay off of Jim Ross on RAW and play more of a babyface following Jerry Lawler's heart attack. JBL has been playing the heel role when he has been on commentary, which gives Cole license to work as a babyface. No word on how or if this will proceed when Lawler returns.

As noted earlier here on the website, the feeling at RAW Monday night was that Cena has a 50.50 chance of being able to compete at Hell in a Cell. There are a couple scenarios that are possible: the first would see Cena work the show against CM Punk and then take more time off after to heal his elbow, while the second is WWE having someone else step up to face Punk. A decision needs to be made in the next week. Cena is currently being advertised for next week's RAW; his next advertised date is the SuperShow house show in Jonesboro, Arkansas on October 12th.

-- John Cena posted the following to Twitter: Two weeks from surgery, swelling is almost under control, bruise is migrating. I'm trying my best to get back to Raw.