Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry online. Check out the highlights:

On John Cena: "Anxious to hear more info on the condition of John Cena's Achilles injury and what it means, if any thing, to his WWE Title defense at Extreme Rules vs. Ryback. Got a feeling that Ryback won't be too sympathetic regarding @JohnCena medical ills. Cena worked through his injury while in Europe which many would not have done but I'm under the impression that he's pushed it about as far as he can at this point in the process."

On the RAW broadcast team: "Looks as if the trio of @MichaelCole @JerryLawler @JCLayfield will be the permanent, Monday Night Raw broadcast team or so it seems. I think that's a good idea with the flagship broadcast now being three hours long. Guest color commentators also don't hurt the presentation as it provides talents the opportunity to expose their personalities in a different forum."

On a women's promotion going national: "Some one asked if I thought an all womens promotion could be successful on a national basis. It all depends on the business model, I suppose, including the TV deal and the talent pool from which to select but my gut instinct would be a polite, 'no.'"

On Tim Tebow potentially joining WWE: "Perhaps Time Tebow will show up and do a "run in" as he's looking for work. Perhaps trying WWE would be a nice fit for Tebow who would undoubtedly be an antagonist in today's defiant world. Of course, I jest regarding Tebow in WWE but stranger things have happened."

If you're interested, you can read the full blog by clicking here.