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Raw Facts and Figures (Special Feature hosted by Michael Cole and the Bella Twins)



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RAW 17 – May 17, 1993

The Smoking Gunns vs. Glen Ruth & Tony Vajda

Vince McMahon Interviews Shawn Michaels

"The Kid" vs. Razor Ramon

Tatanka vs. Scott Taylor

Kamala vs. Yokozuna

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:

Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty

RAW 174 – September 6, 1996 (RAW Championship Friday)

Quarter-Finals Match in the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament:

Sycho Sid vs. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley

Quarter-Finals Match in the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament:

"Wildman" Marc Mero vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Jerry "The King" Lawler Interviews Mark Henry

Alex "The Pug" Porteau vs. Mankind

WWE Championship Match:

Shawn Michaels vs. Goldust


RAW 198 – February 24, 1997 (Original ECW Invasion)

The Godwinns vs. The New Blackjacks

Big Stevie Cool vs. Little Guido

Ladies Arm Wrestling Challenge:

Sunny vs. Marlena

Goldust vs. Savio Vega

Jerry "The King" Lawler Interviews Ken Shamrock

Taz vs. Mikey Whipwreck

The Legion of Doom vs. The Headbangers

Shawn Michaels Tribute Video

Tommy Dreamer vs. D-Von Dudley

Todd Pettengill Interviews Ken Shamrock

The Undertaker vs. Faarooq

RAW 199 – March 3, 1997 (European Championship Tournament)

Bret Hart vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Intercontinental Championship Match:

Rocky Maivia vs. Vader

The Sultan vs. Flash Funk

Ahmed Johnson Answers Faarooq's Challenge

WWE Championship Match:

Sycho Sid vs. Mankind

Stone Cold Steve Austin Live Via Satellite

European Championship Match:

Owen Hart vs. The British Bulldog


RAW 219 – July 21, 1997 (Bret Fights Vince)

Vader vs. Ken Shamrock

The Hart Foundation Address the Canadian Crowd

Light Heavyweight Match:

Brian Christopher vs. Bryan Walsh

The Dude Love Story

Triple Threat Tag Team Match:

The Godwinns vs. The New Blackjacks vs. The Headbangers

Jim Ross Interviews Shawn Michaels

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. The Patriot

Paul Bearer Proves That Kane Exists

Faarooq vs. Goldust

Flag Match:

The Hart Foundation (Bret ‘Hitman' Hart, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog) vs. ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin, Dude Love, & The Undertaker

RAW 226 – September 22, 1997 (Stunner to McMahon)

First Round Intercontinental Championship Tournament Match :

Rocky Maivia vs. Ahmed Johnson

‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin Addresses New York City

Mr. McMahon Interviews The Undertaker

Legion of Doom vs. The Nation of Domination (Faarooq & Kama Mustafa)

Semi-Final Intercontinental Championship Tournament Match :

Owen Hart vs. Brian Pillman

Mr. McMahon Speaks to ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin

Falls Count Anywhere Match:

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Cactus Jack

Shawn Michaels Issues a Challenge to The Undertaker

Bret Hart vs. Goldust


RAW 255 – April 13, 1998 (Dude Love Interrupts Austin/McMahon)

Stone Cold Steve Austin settles his issues with Mr. McMahon

Skull & 8-Ball vs. Los Boricuas

Mr. McMahon makes his decision

The Undertaker shows his dominance

Double J vs. Taka Michinoku

Faarooq Calls Out the Nation

Terry Funk & Too Cold Scorpio vs. Quebecers

Luna challenges Sable

Steve Blackman & Ken Shamrock vs. Bodacious Bart & Bombastic Bob

Kane confronts The Undertaker

Owen Hart vs. Bad Ass Billy Gunn

WWE Championship Match:

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon

RAW 293 – January 4, 1999 (Mankind Wins Championship)

Mr. McMahon makes a proclamation

Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman

Mankind wants to be WWE Champion

Mark Henry vs. Goldust

Test vs. The Godfather

Winner Entered into the Royal Rumble

Triple H vs. Mankind

Edge vs. D'Lo Brown

Shane McMahon seeks Revenge

WWE Hardcore Championship Match :

Road Dog vs. Al Snow

No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship:

The Rock vs. Mankind


RAW 304 – March 22, 1999 ("Beer Truck" RAW before WrestleMania)

Mr. McMahon & The Corporation Address the Crowd

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:

Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart vs. The Brood (Gangrel & Edge)

Title vs. Title Match (Intercontinental vs. Hardcore):

Road Dogg vs. Badd Ass Billy Gunn

The Blue Meanie Calls Out Shamrock

Non-Title Women's Match:

Sable vs. Ivory

Winner Referees Tonight's Main Event:

Rock vs. Mankind

Kane vs. Goldust

"JR Is WAR" Frat Party

Greenwich Street Fight:

Shane McMahon vs. X-Pac

The Corporation (Test, Boss Man & Ken Shamrock) vs. The Ministry (Undertaker, Bradshaw & Farooq)

Paul Wight vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

RAW 311 – May 10, 1999 (Highest Rated RAW)

Badd Ass Billy Gunn vs. Kane

The Union Calls Out the Corporate Ministry

Paul Bearer vs. Big Show

Evening Gown Match for the WWE Women's Championship:

Debra vs. Sable

Nightstick on a Pole Match:

Big Bossman vs. Test

Handicap Hardcore Match:

Viscera &...