#14: The Most Cursed Entry Number In Royal Rumble History


Since the Royal Rumble began back in 1988, it was every WWE Superstar’s dream of competing in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match as each Superstar gets to draw an entry number prior to the match. Of all the numbers, #27 is considered to be the luckiest as it has produced four winners.

However, there is one number that has been considered the most unluckiest of all…#14. Not only has no one won the Rumble match entering with that number, but many of the Superstars would either be “future endeavored” or even worst yet, pass before their time.

And so without further delay, here is a look at the Superstars who have entered #14 from 1988 to 2015:

(1988): Ron Bass. After a few years with WWF, he retired due to several injuries sustained over his career. Earned his College degree and became a salesman.

(1989) Marty Janetty. One half of the Rockers. One of them went on to be one of the most successful WWE Superstars of all time, multi-time WWE Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. Jannetty became synonymous with failure after tag-team action.

(1990) Haku. One of the most-feared monster heels at the time, Haku was never considered main event material. He currently works in the automobile industry.

(1991) Davey Boy Smith. Was one of the top mid-carders in the WWF, but his life tragically ended in 2002. He was 39.

(1992): Hercules. Was quickly released by WWF. Moved over to WCW as Super Invader. Died in 2004, at age 47.

(1993) The Berzerker. Was let go by WWF soon afterward.

(1994) Doink The Clown. Matt Osbourne, who originally portrayed Doink, was released, and recently passed away at age 55. Ray Apollo, who played Doink in the Rumble, was quickly squashed and released.

(1995) Jacob Blu. One half of the Blu Brothers, aka The Harris Brothers, aka The Bruise Brothers, aka Creative Control, aka The Disciples of Apocalypse, aka The Grimm Twins, aka Sports Entertainment Xtreme. Basically bounced around from gimmick to gimmick and company to company forever. Was released by the end of the year.

(1996) Doug Gilbert. His three minutes in the Royal Rumble are his only appearance in WWE.

(1997) Goldust. Veteran, while never a main eventer, is still with the WWE as of today.

(1998) Ken Shamrock. Was successful in the WWE and MMA.

(1999) Kurgan. Left wrestling for a successful acting career.

(2000) Bob Backlund. One of the few who avoided the curse. Now in the WWE Hall of Fame.

(2001) The Godfather. Even though he never achieved main event success, he was one of the reliable mid-card Superstars at that time and made his Rumble return back in 2013.

(2002) Diamond Dallas Page. Did not achieve the success that he had with WCW. Now teaches yoga.

(2003) Eddie Guerrero. A history of drug problems hindered the career of one of the greatest Superstars of his generation. Died tragically in 2005 at age 38.

(2004) Rikishi. Was released by WWE soon afterwards. His twin sons are WWE tag team Jey and Jimmy Uso.

(2005) Orlando Jordan. Was let go by the WWE a year later before resurfacing in TNA.

(2006) Joey Mercury. Was one third of MNM at the time. His former tag team partner, John Morrison would be one of the top mid-carders while former valet Melina became a former Women’s and Divas Champion before leaving in 2011. Was recently seen as one of Seth Rollins’ bodyguards.

(2007) Jeff Hardy. Became a WWE and World Heavyweight Champion as well as a multi-time WWE tag team champion before leaving for TNA back in 2009.

(2008) Umaga. Was released a year later. Passed away six months after the fact, at the age of 36.

(2009) Finlay. Less than a year later became a full-time agent and trainer. Was released due to an incident involving getting The Miz to interrupt the national anthem at a house show. Now back with WWE.

(2010) MVP. Asked for his release later that year and worked for TNA a short time later.

(2011) Chris Masters. Was released by the WWE a few months later.

(2012) Jinder Mahal. Spend the next couple of years as a jobber, mainly as a member of 3MB alongside Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre before being released in 2014.

(2013) Rey Mysterio. A long, lustrous career marred by injuries towards the end. Now works for Lucha Underground.

(2014) Kevin Nash. Former WWE, WCW and TNA standout made a one-off appearance that year.

(2015) Diamond Dallas Page. See 2002.

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