72 Real-Life Wrestling Relationships In Pictures (3/3)


And soon they will bring a new bundle of joy in to the world, as their first child will bring them even closer together. They announced their engagement last month.

58. Sonny Kiss & Killian McMurphy *Engaged*

And here we are with the first (openly known) homosexual relationship in wrestling. Sonny Kiss is signed to AEW, and is the gender fluid tag team partner of Joey Janela. For anyone who doesn’t understand the term gender fluid, it means that Sonny Kiss interchangeably uses he & she pronouns, because Sonny has not yet committed to one gender.

As of 2018, it is known that Kiss has a boyfriend called Killian McMurphy, who worked for Lucha Underground and several independent promotions. You can read their exclusive explaining their relationship here:

Exclusive: Lucha Underground’s Sonny Kiss & Killian McMurphy Comment on Being The First Openly Gay Active Wrestling Couple, National Coming Out Day

59. Tessa Blanchard & Daga {Married}

2019 was an amazing year for Tessa Blanchard, as she made history by going toe-to-toe with Sami Callihan and winning awards for Move Of The Year, Wrestler Of The Year, and Match Of The Year at Slammiversary. However, just before challenging Callihan for the World Championship, bullying and racism allegations appeared on Twitter. She addressed the comments, but it did not satisfy Allysin Kay and some others. The woman she allegedly hurt with a racist comment, talked to Tessa and they put it behind them.

Tessa’s World title challenge was questionable before the allegations though, as it opened up the question of “should women wrestle men?”, and the debate divides opinion among fans and wrestlers alike. Does it simulate domestic abuse? Or is it treating women equally by allowing everyone to be in the same boat in a choreographed fight? I’m of the opinion that if Chyna could (it was never questioned) then it’s possible, but it needs to be handled in the right way. The issue stemmed mostly from the fact it was over a World Championship traditionally won by men, and Tessa isn’t a big woman like a Chyna or an Awesome Kong.

She went to Hard To Kill and became the Impact World Champion, defending it a handful of times against men, and Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie before the pandemic hit. While this was happening, Blanchard announced her engagement to Mexican star Daga in November, and they were married in the summer. Despite being a so-called “bad person”, several of her peers attended the wedding, including: Gail Kim, Moose, Taya Valkyrie, Jordynne Grace, Kiera Hogan, Diamante, Alisha Edwards & Melissa Santos.

Just a month before this. Following a dispute with Impact management (they asked her to send in a video package to help them sell Slammiversary while she was isolating in Mexico), Tessa decided not to play ball and refused to help them. With Tessa out and Michael Elgin released over sex abuse allegations, Impact had to make severe changes to their Slammiversary main event. They released Tessa five days before her contract was to expire and stripped her of the title. Daga is meant to be working for Impact and is still under contract, but has not wrestled for them since March. Their future remains uncertain.

60. The Miz & Maryse {Married}

They have become so well-known, they are the first wrestling couple to feature in their own reality TV show called “Miz & Mrs”. They met during their time in WWE, and after Maryse was released in 2011, she commentated for FWE before turning her attention to getting her real estate license. She earned this and became a realtor in 2013, while The Miz worked in the mid-card after an incredible push to the top of the card a couple of years prior.

It’s unknown if their relationship began before she was released, but they were engaged as of 2013 and married by 2014. They have since had two daughters, the first born in 2018, and the second last year. Maryse returned to WWE in 2016 as The Miz’s manager. Last year, she took a step back from WWE TV to focus on family, and has acquired American citizenship. Because of the Miz & Mrs show beginning in 2018, Maryse ceased appearing on Total Divas. The Miz continues to wrestle full-time in WWE, as one-half of a tag team with John Morrison.

61. The Undertaker & Michelle McCool {Married}

For a long time, not much was known about the relationship between Mark Calaway & Michelle McCool. All anyone knew was that McCool was “Mrs. Undertaker”, as they kept their private life quiet. After retiring from the ring, Calaway opened up about his life and shared many stories about his time inside and outside the ring.

They were married in 2010 while they were still active, but McCool decided to retire in 2011 after mounting injuries to her ribs, sternum, foot, and more. This was about the same time that The Undertaker stopped wrestling on a full-time basis because of his own injuries. In 2012, their daughter was Kaia was born. For the next few years, The Undertaker appeared sporadically for WWE, mostly to defend his undefeated WrestleMania streak. McCool helped him recover from his plethora of surgeries and training. In 2014, he suffered a severe concussion in the same match with Brock Lesnar which ended the streak.

For the next five years, The Undertaker kept on returning for WrestleMania’s and the odd Saudi Arabia card. Together, they worked through his surgeries and got him in shape, although he deeply regretted his encounter with Roman Reigns and apologized profusely for what he knew was a terrible outing. In 2020, he finally announced retirement after his Boneyard match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania. WWE aired a must-see documentary sharing the thoughts of the man behind the character, along with McCool’s experience.

62. Thomas Latimer (aka Bram) & Kamille *Engaged*


As stated in the first volume, Latimer was previously married to Charlotte Flair. He was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend who he was having an affair with; but these charges were later dropped. Many fans will know him as Bram, a tough British brawler introduced by Magnus (Nick Aldis) in Impact Wrestling. He departed in 2017 and worked in Scotland & Japan for a while, til he landed a deal with the revived NWA in 2019. With Royce Isaacs, they claimed the NWA World Tag Team titles with a victory over Villain Enterprises.

They were members of Nick Aldis’ faction along with Kamille, but it’s unsure if this group still exists after NWA Powerrr ceased airing on YouTube. Kamille is mostly known as Nick Aldis’ “mute” enforcer. For a long time, she refused to speak on TV, and Aldis would become infuriated when asked if he was forcing her not to talk. She finally broke her silence earlier this year in an introductory vignette, as she shared her backstory as the most dominant athlete in her youth; and the other kids bullied her for that. Kamille also explained why she hadn’t spoken til now, and it had nothing to do with Aldis. She didn’t feel like the fans deserved anything from her.

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