An Awesome Heartfelt Video Of A Make-A-Wish Recipient Thanking John Cena – View It Inside Here


WWE sent the following video to us of Giovanni, a seven-year-old that John Cena met as part of his Make-A-Wish regimen. Giovanni has a life-threatening genetic disorder and recently traveled with his family to Fresno, California where he was able to meet Cena.

The press release notes that Giovanni “gave Cena a shirt that read ‘Team Giovanni.’ After the meeting Giovanni went to see Cena in action, and much to his surprise saw the superstar wearing the t-shirt in the ring. After the match, Cena called Giovanni over and gave him a hug, which is when the 7-year-old started to cry. When asked by his mother why he was crying, Giovanni said, ‘Mama, I am just so happy!’”

The release says that Cena’s slogan “Never Give Up” has been a source of strength and hope for the young boy quotes his mother as saying, “In that precious moment, our sweet child was so incredibly filled with nothing but pure joy. Nothing else mattered. Not upcoming doctor appointments. Not the mental scars left after so many surgeries. Giovanni was the happiest we had ever seen him.”

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