Hulk Hogan Immortal box office draw?


This Blog Will Be about the immortal Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan has had a mainstream carreer that has lasted over 35 years, which by any standard is amazing, He is the most recognised face in wrestling history (not forgetting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson). He is and icon, a legend in his own right but this blog is about Is hulk Hogan still a box office Draw? 


I started off writing this blog for myself to get my thoughts on wrestling on a public forum, so i think long and hard about whom im going to spotlight. I don’t delude myself thinking i will get thousands of views but to the few that read i hope it leaves an impression. Hulk hogan was not my favorite super star by an stretch, and to be honest i was’nt a fan to begin with, however as iv aged and watched the work that hulk has done for professional wrestling i must say that i am indeed a fan. I try to make these blogs unbiased and i will continue to try and do so. The question that is on my mind is, Hulk hogan Box office draw or regular annoyance? 

When Hulk enters the ring to cut a promo like no one else does it is a nostalgic feeling, listing to dialog from wrestling past, where old school wrestler like Ric Flair, Roddy Piper etc morphed there Promo skills to have a modern feel to them, Hulk has stayed with the “Well you know somthing brother” that made him famous in the 80’s and most of the 1990’s. 

When You see that red and yellow enter the right you can’t help but smile, But do we really need to se another hulk hogan match? True it would be a massive payday for hulk, and many say you dont need to see an scientific wrestling match just him throw a few right hands and drop a leg, but has a person who cares about the well being of the performers that have entertained me for so many hours as iv watched for 20 years, i feel hulk brings more to the table with his voice work than dropping the leg in an opponent. 

I feel that John Wayne’s last hurrah as JR would put it would be a massive crowd draw, and make HUGE ppv buys, but in my opinion i would rather Hulk talk me into watching raw every week as a GM or commissioner position to oppose the authority. Raw has needed some must see television for a long time and i feel that Hulk is just the ticket, Like his Immortal faction in TNA the stable was only as strong as the players he had to bat for him, and in the current WWE product there are alot of people who would greatly benefit from a hulk hogan Rub. That been said, does Hulk still have the passion for the wrestling business that he once had is to be seen and only hulk knows in his heart the answer to that question,

I think Hulk is still a massive draw, and people would love to see the John Cena Hulk hogan match, However there are many that would roll there eyes at that encounter but would not change channel when it was on there screens. As we know John cena is the good guy (baby face if you will) and will never change that and people need to accept him for what he is (personally not a john cena fan like him as a person). That been said would he be facing Red and yellow hulk or The black and white. As it more than likely would be hulks final match id imagine that we would see the red and yellow, but if this was a story of good vs bad then the black and white would not be far from his thoughts… but i doubt it.

It is a match i would be intrigued to see, but i do not feel it would prove who is the better man as it is not prime vs prime as hulk is on his sun set ride in the wrestling aspect of thing and im not saying that its his choice its his body’s choice. However for brand new fans it would be great for them to see hulk hogan live at least once and to us long time fans it would be a time travel back to the glory days of watching Hulk in the 90’s and early 2000’s (80’s if your a lil older than i am =] )  

I would love to read your comments and thoughts like previously stated i am a new writer tell me what you think

Tomm Belushi 


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