Impact Wrestling Results For August 26th, 2015: Jeff Jarrett Turns On TNA


[Show: Impact Wrestling] [Location: Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios] [Date: 8/26/15] [Airing On: Destination America]

Impact Wrestling opens up with The Hardyz. Jeff says Matt deserves another shot at the TNA heavyweight title. Matt rallies fans to chant, “one more match.” He thanks theme for their support. EC3 comes out with Tyrus and calls The Hardyz has-beens. EC3 initially denies Matt’s request for a title shot, when Jeff calls him a jackass. EC3 says he’ll give Matt a rematch, but if Matt loses, Jeff becomes EC3’s personal assistant.

Lashley vs. Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode is announced as a KOTM number one contender match for tonight. A video package is shown hyping up tonight’s Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez match.

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Jeff and Karen Jarrett are shown entering through the parking lot. Jeff says he hears tonight will be a big night at Impact.

Singles Match: Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez

Melendez clotheslines EY, but Young quickly recovers with a belly-to-belly. EY drops a knee on his opponent’s back. He already tries pulling off the prosthetic leg but is pushed off. Menendez hits the jawbreaker and a neck breaker. He lands the full nelson sit out slam. EY rakes the eyes to get out. EY goes for the piledriver, but Melendez reverses. EY uses the ropes for leverage to get the pin.

Winner: Eric Young

After the match, EY grabs a match and tells Melendez to make good on his promise and give him his prosthetic leg. Melendez takes it off and throws it at EY, who laughs.

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X Division Title Match: Tigre Uno © vs. DJ Z, and Sonjay Dutt

Uno and Z tie up briefly before being interrupted by Dutt. A double team arm drag was botched when Uno landed awkwardly. Dutt landed a hurricanrana on Z. Dutt hit a somersault senton off the ring apron on Z and Uno. Back in the ring, Uno goes for a German suplex when Dutt springboard sunset flips both guys, sending Z flying. Later on, Dutt is sent out the ring from a jawbreaker off the ropes. Uno follows up his German suplex with a springboard frog splash to retain his title.

Winner and still X-Division champion: Tigre Uno

Storm is in the back with Manik and Abyss and says tonight is all about them. He warns Manik to never dance again.

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Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves © vs. Manik and Abyss

Abyss takes control of Davey Richards in the early going. It doesn’t get much better for Eddie Edwards as he is overpowered as well. Abyss tags in Manik. Eventually, The Wolves double team Manik via toehold and elbow drop. The Wolves dropkick Abyss, who is seated in the corner. They go for a double team on Manik, but Storm drags Richards out the ring. Sheera comes out to chase Storm out of the Impact Zone. The Wolves hit Force of Nature for the victory.

Winners and still tag team champions: The Wolves

Jeff Hardy’s decision will come after the break.

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Jeff Hardy comes out with Matt. He says he believes in his brother and he accepts the title rematch for next week. We are shown a video package of Jeff Jarrett’s return to TNA. We cut to Dixie Carter talking to someone on her phone looking worried.

Knockouts Title Match: Brooke © vs. Velvet Sky

Sky rams Brooke from corner to corner. She lands a clothesline, but only gets a two-count. Brooke is thrown to a corner but jumps off the second rope to nail Sky with a clothesline. She hits a Russian leg sweep for a two-count. Brooke hits a facebuster, but also hit the canvas hard as Sky pulled her down in the process.

The action hits the outside when Marti Bell and Jade attack Brooke and Sky. Rebel turns heel by kicking Sky in the back. Taryn appears on the big screen and says this is her house.

Roode is in the back and says he’s going to prove to the world why he’s the “It Factor” of professional wrestling.

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Anderson talks about the KOTM number one contender match tonight and says actions speak much louder than words. Galloway is on the phone and sounds pissed.

KOTM Number One Contender Match: Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode vs. Lashley

The moment the bell rings all four men start brawling. All four participants quickly fight on the outside. Storm rakes the eyes of Anderson and rams his back to the ring apron. Lashley suplexes Roode on the entrance ramp. The action returns inside the ring. Anderson goes for a Mic Check on Lashley, but he reverses. Lashley goes for his finisher, but Anderson reverses and both men are left in the ring having canceled each other out.

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Roode dumps Lashley out the ring and it’s Roode and Storm in the ring. Roode lands a flying neck breaker, but Anderson breaks up the pin. Lashley returns and clotheslines Anderson. Lashley, Storm, and Roode engage in a tower of doom with Roode taking no damage. Anderson misses the swanton attempt on Roode.

Lashley goes for the spear on Roode, but Storm blasts him with The Last Call. Storm and Roode double team Anderson and hype up the crowd for the Beer Money chant. Storm’s Last Call is reversed into the Roode Bomb and we have our number one contender.

Winner: Bobby Roode

It’s revealed that the Impact Wrestling fans have voted for Velvet Sky, Brooke, and Gail Kim to be on the cover of the 2016 Knockouts calendar.

Dixie Carter’s decision will be revealed after the break.

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Dixie is out and calls for Jeff to meet her in the ring. Jeff is out alone and hugs Dixie. He promises a working partnership between TNA and GFW is a win for wrestling fans. As Dixie is ready to make her decision, Drew Galloway interrupts her.

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Galloway says competition is healthy and that he respects Jeff. He says he found security cameras showed two getaway cars had Jeff Jarrett’s name on both of them. Jeff gets defensive and says he had nothing to do with it. They are about to go to blows when Karen says it was her who set up the attacks. Jeff says he didn’t ask for this. Karen says he deserves it.

Jeff attacks Galloway from behind and the GFW roster attacks him as well. The TNA talent tries to make the save but are outmatched. Jeff and the GFW talent celebrate to close Impact Wrestling.

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