Previewing The Night Of Champions 2014


Despite using this website for many years and commenting on almost every post, I’ve never wrote an article for myself… until now.

Deciding what to write about proved to be a predicament, however where better to start than to preview the upcoming ppv this sunday, Night of Champions.

Night of Champions 2014 offers 5 title matches, the lowest in its history and at times has seemed like a 1 match ppv in all honesty, but I’m gunna evaluate each match and possible finishes and results.

Okay lets start!

The Usos (Jimmy and Jay) (c) vs Goldust and Stardust

On the 25 August Monday night Raw, The Rhodes Brothers faced The Usos for the tag team titles. The Rhodes Brothers won, but only by countout, leading them too turn heel. For those keeping score this is the first time Goldust has turned heel since 2005 9 years ago, when he was part of that abysmal match with Jonathan Coachman which also featured Vader. For Stardust he was heel last year.
Since The Usos retained there titles against Harper and Rowan, the Usos had been featured less and less on Raw almost becoming an afterthought. They needed some new competition, step in Gold and Stardust.
To be honest I feel like the WWE are bored with the Usos title reign, which is sad because they have all the talent in the world. But they’ve had a good run and I believe it is time to give it up and give it to Goldie and Cody (woops I mean “Stardust”)

Prediction – Goldust & Stardust New Champions

Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton

Lets face it, this match is filler really. It’s no secret that Jericho will be leaving again this week so chances are he’ll get written of tv at night of champions. These 2 always put on a good match so it’ll probably be good, but Orton is a top talent and needs a proper feud that isn’t last minute going into every PPV.

Prediction – Randy Orton

Sheamus (c) vs Cesaro

Once again it just seems like there has been no build up for this match at all. Sure they’ve got in each others faces and attacked each other, but I don’t feel there has been enough build to warrant a PPV match, which is a shame because these two are up there with the very best. This one is the least predictable for me, it really could go either way but I think I’ll go with cesaro to win.

Prediction – Cesaro

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins

I’m not going to lie, I was annoyed that this match was given away for free as it sort of lowers the hype for the ppv. I could imagine some sort of stipulation to be added here, but regardless it won’t be a clean finish, I can see Kane and Dean Ambrose getting involved in some way. Since Roman won clean on raw I’m gunna back Rollins to win this one, but I would be very surprised if it was a clean win.

Prediction – Seth Rollins

Paige (c) vs AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella

I get the impression I will feel hate here, but I’m sorta glad that nikki has been added into this match. Now before people hit the Ctrl + W button here me out. Over the past few weeks wwe have had several segments featuring the bella twins and their underwhelming feud. Fans seem to be very much against it also. Although not worse than the bella feud, AJ/Paige have had a bad feud themselves. It hasn’t really made any sense either, one week paige is saying that AJ is here best friend, the next she’s beating the hell out of her, then the next she is her best friends again. Not only that but Paige has transformed into an AJ double and wrestlers don’t have good feuds with themselves… that is unless their name is the Iron Sheik. By combining their feuds together it gives more time for the AJ/Paige feud to grow without getting stale because there is so much potential there. I’m expecting Brie to get involved somehow to cost Nikki the title and maybe even a Stephanie interference. I believe in order for the divas to stay relevant steph has to stay involved and a match with AJ would work for me.

Prediction – Paige

Mark Henry vs Rusev w/ “The Ravishing Russian” Lana

If Monday night raw is anything to go by then this will be main event of the night. But in all seriousness I haven’t really got into this feud. It just feels exactly the same feud as Swagger/Rusev but with less steam. I feel like creative failed Swagger here, because it would be been perfect for Rusev to lose in a flag on a pole match as he wouldn’t of had to be pinned. Problem here is I’m not buying Henry as an American patriot. I could buy it with Swagger and Zeb because they’ve been American patriots for years, but Henry has never mentioned his love for America since this feud began and I can’t get into it personally. Since I’m a Brit I find it hard to support every American who comes against the “evil” Russian.

Prediction – Rusev

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs The Miz

I wish this feud was given more time to develop because I’ve actually enjoyed the little bit of it we have seen from this. When Ziggler was about to show the “leaked” pictures of The Miz, I rolled my eyes as I know how much wwe likes to exploit recent things that have happened in the media. But you know what, it actually amused me! Damien Sandow has shown his versatility and talent since he changed his gimmick into being a dofus. Its just a shame he’s been pushed down the card to being Miz’s lacky though. Commentary was hilarious aswell pretending they couldn’t tell the difference between Ziggler and Truth, easily my favourite part of Raw. Even Lawler going heel for the match and defending Miz has a highlight. I don’t expect Ziggler to lsoe the title here though so there will be lots of interferences but expect a Ziggler win.

Prediction – Dolph Ziggler

“The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar (c) w/ “The 1 behind the 1 in 21 and 1” Paul Heyman vs “The Leader of The Cenation” John Cena

Summerslam was a true shock. I really had no idea that the face of the company and golden boy would lose that convincingly at the second biggest ppv of the year. My views of the streak ending were not and still aren’t favourable and I believe it was the wrong thing to do and I wanted Taker to retire with it intact. But albeit it has ended, which means Brock has to be pushed to the moon for doing the impossible. I believe Lesnar has to win here and for the foreseeable future. Remember he did something that legends like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, Edge, Cm Punk, ,Ric Flair and even his brother Kane couldn’t do. Some of which were on multiple occasions. I feel this match will be more competitive than the Summerslam match, but I think a Lesnar win is in order. Will it be clean? I very much doubt it. The possible spoiler for me is that Lesnar has changed his contract to where he will appear anytime that the wwe will pay up to use him.

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