Top 5 Ways An AEW & WWE Crossover Could Work


The last few weeks have been interesting for wrestling fans as they have seen the “forbidden door” open between multiple wrestling promotions. What that means is that companies like All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling are working with promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling and NWA. This is something that has sparked a fire under many wrestlers throughout those promotions and has left many fans putting together all of the possibilities for dream matches.

WWE has not been included in this situation, but have stated that they are open for business. AEW and WWE are currently the top two wrestling companies in the world, and many fans are hoping to see the two cross paths. The question would be how could that work? Well here are my top 5 ideas on how they could make it work.


5. The Inner Circle Asserts Their Dominance

There is no denying that The Inner Circle has been the most dominating faction since the inception of AEW. With the legendary Chris Jericho at the lead, the team has built themselves up as a force to be reckoned with. Even with their recent loss to The Pinnacle at AEW Blood and Guts, The Inner Circle’s members have a managed to still be fan favorites no matter their win/loss record.

For this to work, they would need to have some sort of invasion angle. The Inner Circle would show up and take out some of WWE’s finest for a few weeks. They could even bring along some other wrestlers for backup. This could lead to another WWE legend like Edge, being in a similar role as Jericho. Edge would then lead a stable of young superstars and both teams could face off against one another. It could be a good way for WWE to shine the spotlight to some of their younger talent.

4. The Belt Collector Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega currently holds the World Championships for AEW, Impact, and AAA. This feat has been unheard of and has so much potential to continue to be historic. Since these promotions also have a working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling, it would be a missed opportunity not to have Omega as a champion there as well. Omega worked most of his career with NJPW and I am sure their fans would love to see him return to the company in some way.

Imagine if Kenny Omega did the unthinkable and dethroned the “Head of the Table” Roman Reigns. Don Callis vs Paul Heyman on the microphone would guarantee some killer promos. Omega could then show up on Raw and NXT; ultimately working his way to holding every major championship throughout the wrestling world. This does put a lot on obligations on Omega, but he does have a proven history of being someone companies can count on. Eventually, he will have to drop each title but it opens the “forbidden door” for others to then win these titles and show up on different shows.

3. A Real Best in the World Tournament

Many companies have put together a “Best Wrestler in the World” style tournament in the past. In most recent memory, WWE had one a few years back, which lead to The Miz and Shane McMahon battling it out for the ability to make the claim. What if there was a real tournament like this that actually pits the best from each promotion against one another? Each promotion could pick a group of talent to represent them in this tournament with the winners being able to call themselves “The Best in the World”. It doesn’t even have to be a singles tournament, it could even be multiple tournaments. There are many possibilities here for cross promotion battles! The winner could even get a shot at any of the competing promotions championships.

2. The Queen and Her Throne

It is no secret that AEW’s women’s division has faced a lot of criticism for a variety of reasons. They do have some talented women on their roster like Dr. Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida but in my opinion, the division just needs to be a bit more competitive. Insert one of the most competitive wrestlers in the business today, “The Queen” Charlotte Flair. If you talk about championships alone Flair, much like her father, has held quite a few. There is no doubt that she has the athletic abilities, and microphone skills to spice things up for the AEW Women’s division. She could then bring their championship back to the WWE, and could have a belt collector situation of her own.

Now, add Ric Flair to the mix as her manager and you would have another founding member of the Four Horsemen in AEW. That element alone could make for an incredible storyline! Especially if Tessa Blanchard gets involved in a feud with Charlotte. Even though Blanchard’s current status with a promotion is in the air, this could be the perfect way to bring her back into the main stream. Tully in one corner, Ric in the other, as their daughters battle it out in the ring. It is a dream match just waiting to happen.

1. The Bullet Club

NJPW’s Bullet Club have been one of the most well known factions throughout the wrestling world for years. However, it has lost a bit of steam over the last few years since it has continued to lose some of the core members. Most of core members were the founding members of AEW, and they are using their friendship from the faction as a key storyline to this day. Now, a long list of members are spread out throughout multiple promotions, but maybe it’s time for the band to be brought back together.

Now, the story could have wrestlers like Finn Balor and AJ Styles joining forces with their good friends in NJPW. Adam Cole could reconnect with his friends in AEW, and then all of the members could be a dominating force throughout the wrestling world. A full bullet club take over between past and present members. This could bring Cody back into the WWE to avenge himself and his past with the company. It could even be a chance to reconnect former teams to fight against the club. Jon Moxley, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins reigniting The Shield to defend the wrestling business. Possibly putting together unlikely teams like The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle teaming as one for control of AEW. My vision for this would be the glory days of the NWO but on a larger scale. This situation would be historic for the wrestling world!

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