​Tyler Breeze Discusses Not Being Called Up To The Main Roster Yet, The Evolution Of NXT, & More


Tyler Breeze recently spoke with Channel Guide Magazine, here are the highlights…

On The Evolution of NXT: “I’ve gotten to see it go from FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) and something that was very small,” Breeze recalled. “We had FCW TV, but the audience wasn’t the same. A lot of people didn’t even know it was on TV. It was just local Florida stuff. The production wasn’t what it is today. I was watching these matches with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. They were great matches then, but nobody was watching because nobody knew we even existed. There was no WWE Network back then, so you couldn’t even watch what you wanted to unless you were local. I was part of the initial pilot episode to test out Full Sail University to see if it would work for our NXT tapings. I watched the entire transition from something small to something that now millions of people can watch on WWE Network each week. Just the production alone is fascinating. Every time we show up for TV tapings or the live specials or anything, they always have something new added. A screen here or some sort of effect there. Everything feels big and important. To be a part of that from the start to what is now, it’s really cool for me to take it all in and watch it grow.”


On His Character: “When I initially started it, the persona was totally going to be something else that it didn’t end up being,” Breeze said. “From input here and there with ideas from different people, it sort of turned an almost opposite way that I was going for. At the very beginning of the character we had the pocket mirror. We did everything with the mirror. Then Triple H said we were past that and to move on to selfies. He suggested we use a cell phone. We modernized it. That was two years ago. Now it’s 2015, and everyone has a cell phone on them all the time. They are always checking Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. There is so much stuff that you could do with that. I’ve had the opportunity to be a first in WWE to actually do some things. My entrance streams form the phone to the big screen. At TakeOver we did the Periscope where thousands of people were watching from my cell phone as I was making my entrance. That is something nobody has done before. As technology advances and new things come out, I’m the one who gets to play with that. I see it as a huge opportunity for me.”

On Not Being Called Up Yet: “You can’t get frustrated by stuff like that,” he said. “It’s been like that since I got down here at FCW. I was the one who had Cesaro’s first match. I’ve watched Seth go. I’ve watched Ambrose go. I’ve watched [Erick] Rowan and [Luke] Harper go. I’ve seen everyone kind of come and go. The thing is these are my friends. These are people who I am happy for. I’m not going to have any ill will toward them. They just happen to be ready quicker or what WWE needed at the time. It’s nothing that frustrates me because it’s not like Harper and Rowan are taking a spot that Tyler Breeze would be in. We are completely different marketable assets to the company. It’s just a matter of time before Tyler Breeze is what they are looking for and need. Then nobody else is going to take that spot but me. So it’s not a frustrating thing for me, but I’m happy for my friends who go on and succeed and make it all comfortable for me when I get up there.”

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