Who will be the future of the NXT main event (Part 2 of 3):


Age: 28
Height: 6’3
Weight: 256 lb
PWI #8 wrestler 2014, TNA Champion, TNA Tag Champion


Magnus is the only man on the list that is currently employed by TNA. The great thing about Magnus is that he already lives in Florida, which makes for an easy transition to NXT. The English star has proven himself in TNA, as well as other promotions around the world. He brings international appeal, as well as a fanbase from TNA. His age and size makes for a perfect candidate in the NXT. Although he does not have many matches that stand out as “Match of the year,” he is a solid worker both in and out of the ring. Having Magnus work a program with someone such as Uhaa Nation or Tyler Breeze could easily turn out to be a great match. With WWE ‘apparently’ not shying away from TNA stars anymore, this could be a reality before many would think. Missing the boat like they did with someone like Bobby Roode would not be a wise decision.

AJ Styles
Age: 38
Height: 5’11
Weight: 215 lb
TNA Grand Slam Champion, PWI #1 wrestler 2010, IWGP Champion, Wrestling Observer 5 star match 2005, Match of the year 2014
Regardless of age, AJ Styles is just too good to ignore. AJ brings the largest fanbase of any NXT star (including Joe), and is the most well-known, non-WWE wrestler. TNA thrived because of this man, and NJPW is gaining American popularity because of him. Expect another merchandise sellout, just like Joe. In order to pull him away from his Bullet Club success, it will take a large sum of money, and likely some sort of Joe deal in order to fulfill other contract obligations. AJ could easily step into the NXT main event, win the title, defend it a few times, put someone over, and head to the main roster. This could be done all within a 6 month span. There is a very limited window of opportunity due to his age, so Triple H should be wise and pull the trigger immediately with AJ.

With the risk of running the article too long, there are also others that would be a good fit. Some people that are worth checking out include: Mike Bennett, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Riley, Young Bucks, Nakamura (age), Shelton Benjamin (age), Moose, EC3, Johnny Gargano (received tryout recently).

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